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Lord Crios, Man of a Thousand Character Concepts


9/14/03  8:33 am, Alaska time  First update, Boom.
9/17/03  10:32 am, Alaska time  Sword of Mela, DB melee style mostly posted, not pretty but there.
9/17/03  10:58 am, Alaska time  Paper Crane Style outline up, fleshing it out later.
9/19/03  2:32 am, Alaska time  Chahailis's description up, added a a link to it from Sig's writeup on the HOC page.
10/2/03  12:09 pm, Alaska time  Hella big update time, read it and weep Mako, who's brooding now?
10/3/03  5:29 am, Alaska time  Minor update.

Campaign Updates

Heroes of Chaos

Fun times for the HOC game, our ST has recruited me, the man of 1,000 character concepts for the possition of assistant ST. Basically I'll not only be playing Chahailis, but also a plethora of other characters that will range from allies to enimies, from close family to bitter rivals, something that works for me. Anywhoo the point is there will now be random extra PC and NPC related fiction in the CCJ.

Exalted Fiction


About Crios

My real name is Chris. I don't like spewing info around and about the internet so throw down what you want to know and I'll do my best to oblige.

Vicious Priest with the Arm of Hate Which Wields the Soul Mirror Say's


To Do List

Pretty up Sword of Mela page.\\ Finish the Paper Crane Style posting.\\ Post all the Hero's of Chaos info.\\


MageDragon 's Page!

Sigilistic's Page!


White Wolf