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WelcomeToExaltedWiki! This is a WikiWikiWebsite devoted to WhiteWolf Games' excellent game, Exalted. (Don't know what Exalted is? Check out WhatIsExalted). It's easy to walk around the site and read, but the real fun of a wiki comes when you contribute. If you need help, QuickStartGuide and WhatIsAWiki both have valuable information and links to get you on the right track, and BestPractices will tell you how best to observe Wikiquette. Once you feel comfortable and have a UserPage, feel free to contribute! If you see an unwritten link, write it! If you have some material or a cool campaign to publish, hang it off your UserPage! Heck, if you catch a spelling mistake, fix it! Everything is fair game, that's the beauty of wiki.

This wiki is focused around 1e and (early) 2e - it is largely quiet these days but there's still lots of delicious content in there. During 2e's run, there was an official White Wolf wiki up, where most of the work happened. That was taken down in 2013 or so, but there is a read-only snapshot of it available at [1]

Most importantly, have fun.

Wiki News

  • 2017: There is also a 3e wiki at [2]
  • 21 Sep 2015: Moved servers - let me know if there are any issues. Also, I have a readonly copy of the White Wolf Exalted 2 wiki up at [3] for your perusal. Xyphoid

General Links

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I hope you all enjoy this site!

User Updates

Anyone is allowed to mention a cool wiki node they find here, or a new one they are making. However, in the interests of page loading and server load, let's not have more than 30, okay?

Featuring a Featured Feature OR Self-Important Ramblings

  • 16-06-15: Added a new manse and a slightly extended character edit to the campaign notes - Lossefion
  • 31-05-15: Working through some commentary, and adding arms and legs to the Strange Days campaign resource. Still so much more to sort through! - Lossefion
  • 30-05-15: New submissions from campaign players in my game - Stark has compiled the original concept for some Solar War charms and prose. Enkou has added a piece detailing his PCs arrival home in Lookshy - Lossefion
  • 30-05-15: Working to break down my submissions into self contained pages. The original page is now much expanded, and has a link from Campaigns main page. Thanks for the welcome - Lossefion
  • 28-05-15: Joined after lurking for years. I'm currently in the process of sorting through borrowed materials from more unique creations. I'm adding these to a single page at present for perusal and commentary. Lossefion's_Campaign_Notes - Lossefion
  • 30-04-15: I sure hope this wiki will get some love again when 3e pops up, which should be soonish / some time this year. Also I put up some stuff about my very own exalted modern setting variant. quaint/exaltedmodern -Quaint
  • 06-29-07: A rambling idea that grew from an idle discussion about games, to full-on organized sport. Exalted meets football in BreakthroughAndConquer
  • 04-28-07: Changed the Children of the Shifting Moon with some 2nd Edition assumptions and some new ideas, into SilverMasks!
  • 02-22-07: Trying to COMPLETE a WoD to Exalted crossover (would love help) and a heartfelt apology to RPGers everywhere. - Purified in Moonlight
  • 11-30-06: A 2nd Edition rewrite of a MA style I did way back when the Original Exalted Compendium was still alive (and then it died and took a fair bit of my stuff with it)... In any event, I give you 2nd Edition Spirited Steel Hurricane! Now looking for C&C
  • 11-13-06: A Lunar revision meant to make Lunars more mystical, wondrous, and able to fight on the level of Sidereals and Sol Invictus-using Solars nearly finished! Behold the Children of the Shifting Moon!
  • 10-16-06: Added some new Wyld-friendly items to my page. Feel free to check 'em out. - Caelene
  • 10-06-06: A write-up on an Alchemical AU setting with Stargate influence. Comments appreciated. Shorlixa/IntoNewWorlds
  • 09-13-06: I began writing a text detailing the corruption of solar shards (and their eventual recovery). Comments welcome, too. =) Monstrances And Shards
  • 07-03-06: Whats this? A Lunar Patch? Blasphemy! Well not really, Check it out Liberi Lunaris an attempt at a Lunar compliment to Sol Invictus. The Insanity! - ArabianNinja
(If you wish to feature a node in this space, please move the existing nodes to the next section first.)

Pages of Note

  • 06-05-06: Back again with a vengence! This time I've got the basics for an Exalted twist on The 4400, which can be found at Caelene/The4400Exalted
  • 05-19-06: Added a bit of backstory for a conversion of Fera to Lunars, the next part of the WoD to Exalted conversion I'm working on. Check it out at Caelene/WoDLunars
  • 03-26-06: Like your hi-tech fantasy? TheThirdAge is always glad for more ideas and contributions! ...DeathBySurfeit
  • 02-17-06: Communal project request: Abilities/Knowledges -Ialdabaoth
  • 02-17-06: All the cool kids are working on BoXPInfernals. Are you cool? --MUrielw
  • 02-17-06: Any help or comments with my MartialArts/KataSystem would be most appreciated -Ialdabaoth
  • 02-07-06: I'm working on a futuristic setting NeoExalted so any opinions or help would be nice. - SagaciousAscendingHero
  • 01-30-06: For those who do not already know, my rather extensive Solar high Essence fansupplement Sol Invictus is now in public release. Get [Sol Invictus] right here. Discussion is at Charlequin/SolInvictusDiscussion. -- Charlequin
  • 01-26-06: A World of Steel And Glass, my Exalted Modern setting, is now fluff-complete. Come over, take a look, point out gaping errors, that sort of thing. Be warned, though - there are over 30,000 words in it. ;) - FrivYeti
  • 01-12-06: Character Sheets added to my page. Hosted by the very excellent Mr.Gone - SagaciousAscendingHero
  • Feb 17, 2006: The Brass Redoubt is actually detailed (mostly) and will just have to be linked to the Manse and Hearthstone pages, and formatted properly -- JadeSerpent
  • 12-27-05: New (partial) Martial Art Style. SavageCorpseStyle, an Abyssal style with a zombie-esque feel. - SagaciousAscendingHero
  • 12-17-05: Happy dies natalis Solis Invicti! Thats the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun, 25th december! - Molikai
  • 12-15-05: I've done a whole bunch of changes and new house rules to my page, including some gun rules, and Wushu Exalted stuff. Oh yeah, and my name changed.. (I used to be Griffon) - SagaciousAscendingHero
  • 12-5-05: Just put up a bunch of new stuff and revised some of the old on my page. Please stop by and let me know what you think! HandofOmega
  • 21Nov05 - Coridan/RevisedMentorBackground is up. I'll move it to Backgrounds once I get enough feedback to shape it up nicely. Born of a debate of Abyssal vs COI training methods at RPG.net.
  • 11Nov05 - Five Bureau Styles is finally finished! Now your Sidereals aren't stuck with VBoS anymore! Come over and check them out, and feel free to comment. Now with 500% of the prayer strips of VBoS alone!
  • 11-08-05 - Posted the first part of a WoD to Exalted conversion at Caelene/WoDRaksha. Come check it out and let me know whatcha think.
  • 03 October 2005 - I now have Stomping Ghost-Boot Style and Whirling Sun and Moon Style posted. Again, I'm new to martial arts. Comments, especially those relating to balance, would be VERY MUCH appreciated.
  • 2005-September-29 - Any C&C on Divine She-wolf Style would be appreciated. It's a risque and humourous style that should not be used by immature players or storytellers. You've been given fair warning.
  • 09-29-05 - Dawn Fist is 99.9% done, I need your help with the last .01%! My Userpage will lead you to it, and will also lead you to the best / worst idea ever... Exalted - NarutoMod
  • 2005-September-22 - Any comments and such about my revision of Lunars as true terresterial exalted would be appreciated. This is still a work in progress, as such C&C is welcomed. Terresterial Lunars. ~ haku
  • 20-Sep-05 - Comments rabidly solicited for my first attempt at a Sidereal Martial Art, the Vermilion Cavalcade of Moments. - Kurulham
  • September 19th be Like A Pirate Day, so 't is, and shiver me timbers, says I! All ye scurvy sprogs best be towin' the line n' writin' like a proper gentleman o' fortune for as long's the day's through in yer own waters, else DeathByScurvy will be keel-haulin' ye sorry lot afore it be through, so's he will. Yarr! ...DeathByScurvy
  • Sept 12 - Please stop by my place at HandofOmega and let me know what you think of my Raksha Warstriders and my concept of the Cult of the Illuminated's Third Training Camp, the College Hidden By the Leaves!
  • 1st September: I'd like to drum up some comments for my new Sidereal style, the Cinereous Weave of Lies. Features customary rules-breaking effects, mind alteration, and The Smashing Pumpkins. - DeadManSeven
  • 07-Sep-05 - Something I think is handy, a Healing Times Chart. -StarHawk
  • 07-Sep-05 - By popular acclaim -- well, one guy suggested I pimp this on the front page -- revised Solar Limit rules. - Hong
  • 06-Sep-05 - A Power Combat Tutorial for Combat Sorcery. Power Combat 300: Combat Sorcery

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