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This page is the place for people to ask for advice on how to name new pages they are thinking of creating. Picking names for pages is a bit confusing, especially when you first start using this wiki. So, if you have some pages you want to make, but aren't sure what to call them, ask here. When describing the pages you want to create, be sure to mention the following:

  1. Are these intended to be pages that everyone is encouraged to edit and add to or pages that you want to "own" and let others read and comment on?
  2. Are these pages all part of a related, multi-page project?
  3. Are these pages connected in some way to already existing pages?

Before posting here, though, please read the "What should I name a new page?" section of the HowDoIDoThat page.


I've made a couple of mistakes in naming my pages (my apologies). This was quite a while back, but I have renamed(read: created a new page) and would like to get rid of the erroneous pages. Both unnecessary pages ( #1 and #2) currently redirect to the correct page(Shozei Amilar Kanaka), and as far as I know any pages referencing the character link to the correct page. Is there a way to get rid of the extra pages, and, is this desirable? -RedThursday

The "correct" procedure there was to add the redirects, exactly as you did them. Since you asked to have them removed, though, I have deleted these. MediaMiki does have a "move" feature, but you might need to be an admin to use it. - Wordman