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Several cycles of the Ages later, no one is sure just how many, the Sidereals have finally come near to their final goal, a peaceful harmonious creation. It took tens of thousands of years, but finally they have come up with a formula for success. It starts with the Sidereals in charge, the gods all in their place, but behaving, for fear of annihilation. The celstines havent been seen in two full ages, it is suspected that the Sidereals found a way to keep them permanently occupied or trapped with in the Jade Pleasure Dome. The Dragon-Blooded serve as the foot soldiers they were designed to be in the First Age. The Lunars have been hunted to near extermination, and the few that are left stalk the very edges of the Wyld, bordering on primative regression. The Solars were judged to be too unstable and locked away in the Jade Prison again. The Underworld has been cut off from creation and all known Shadowlands have been cleansed of their taint. The Abyssals aren't as issue anymore. On and off again through out the ages, the Alchemicals and their armies have made forays into creation, always for resupplying Autothonia, and always only long enough to finish their business and retreat again. But recently they have been making raiding runs against the Sidereals, their former trading partners. Obviously this has caused the Sidereals to worry and get nervous.

This is just a bare bones idea for now, but obviously its meant as a setting for using the Alchemicals as the primary protagonists.

Suggested Watching

For visuals and over all feel of what I'm going for I suggest the following films.

  • Ultraviolet
  • Aeon Flux
  • Minority Report

Rules Changes

Replace Archery with Firearms, use Archery charms and adjust as needed.

Computers are handled with Lore, but dont replace.

Comments & Suggestions

So, a futuristic alchemical game against fate-warping sidreals and armies of loyal and well trained dragon-blooded? Sounds cool. Are you going to Ad-Hoc alchemicals to 2e, or play this 1e?

Is this going to be a slingle series, or are you developing it as an alternate setting?

What are you going to do for vheicals? Essence powered ships and planes? Personal transport, like essence motorcycles and cars? or will that be the domain of Warstriders and Power Armor? Just wondering what the charcters will be riding for the exciting chase scenes.

Larger warstriders/mobile weapons platforms exist?

What do the alchemicals hope to accomplish with their raiding? What is their goal?

Has creation been expanded once more? What of the Fair Folk? Are they held at bay as they were in the first age? Are they instead a constant threat?

What will be the charcters roles in this? Will they be advanced scouting parties? Diplomats? Gorilla task forces? Leaders of armies?

What of the Imperial Manse, Realm defense grid, etc?

Super huge cities that span huge chunks of continents? Super sky scrapers? Underwater cities/flying cities?

Wyld hunt still around?