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The Favorites project is an opt-in, group project intended to help readers more easily find popular pages, as well as to determine what those popular pages even are. Many wikizens already have sections in their personal page that present a list of their favorites and the idea here is to leverage such lists more effectively for other readers.

If you want to participate

To take part in this project, all you need to do is create a subpage of your personal page called /Favorites. You can put anything you want on this page as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  1. Any part of the page containing list items that start with links will be considered your "favorites". So, lines that start with wiki text like *[[SomeLink]], *SomeOtherLink or **SomeSubListLink are favorites, but no other links on the page will be. (The idea here is that such a restriction makes it easy for software to parse your favorites page and choose which links are your favorites and which are not.)
  2. Any given page should be linked as a favorite only once on your favorites page.
  3. Do not enter links that redirect to other pages. Instead, enter the final destination of the redirect.
  4. Of your favorites, only one page may be listed that is solely your own work, but it cannot be your main user page. That is, you can vote for exactly one of your own pages.
  5. Do be displayed in the "Top Favorites" list, a page must received two or more votes.
  6. Add a link to your favorites page in the list below.

Top Favorites

These pages have been voted by the participating users (see below) as this wiki's favorite pages:

Favorite of 8 users:
Favorite of 5 users:
Favorite of 4 users:
Favorite of 3 users:
Favorite of 2 users:

Next Update

21 Jun 2010


I geeked out a bit last night and wrote the software to sum up the favorites. The results are fairly dull right now, since there are only three participants, so I'll wait to post them. Feel free to check out the currentFavorites/RunLog and make sure it's working correctly. -- Wordman

So ... I guess the various non-favourite links on mine could screw up your thing. Is there a tag or something that I can put on links I don't want to be counted?
~ Shataina

Sort of. As I tried to explain above, any link that comes at the exact beginning of a list item is considered a favorite. Nothing else is. So, on your page, the link in the line "EJGRgunner is a friend of mine and never did much here, but" is not a favorite because it isn't part of a list, while the link in the list item that follows it is. By the same token, the first two list links to the Lexicon and the Nexus project are not counted as favorites, because the word "The" comes between the start of the list item and the link. Similarly, the "back to Shataina" is not counted, because the link does not occur at the immediate start of the list item. The other list links on your page would be counted, because the appear right at the start of the list items. So, I think if you removed "The" from the links to the Lexicon and the Nexus project, the code would correctly distinguish which of your links were real favorites and which are not. In its current form, the code would get everything correct except those first two. - Wordman

OK, but I removed the "The" and it looks like they still didn't get counted. Also, I think it would be helpful if people tried to put actual links on their lists rather than redirects. It seems silly that both JPCardier/DemonKillerWhite and DemonKillerWhite are in the 1 list, despite the fact that the latter redirects to the former.
~ Shataina
My bad. The last run I did was using page data from prior to your edits. This latest run includes your changes. I agree about redirects, but probably will not put in the effort to track down such things, though it might be possible. Instead, I've added a guideline above encouraging people to use the most recent page. Looks like people might have corrected the links you mentioned already. -- Wordman

What would people think of the addition of another page much like this one called "My Best" or something similar, where instead of a Favorites page, you could build a "My Best" page with, like, three links to what you think is your own best work, and similar code would assemble those into a list. Would that even be worth reading? What if you could had a "my best" section to your favorites page, with exactly two links to your own best stuff? Would more people participate in Favorites if they could toot their own horn a little? - Wordman

Isn't that what userpages are for? -IanPrice
I suppose. The idea here is that scattered links are unified on a single page, without authors having to worry about updating multiple places. - Wordman
Perhaps volunteers could create an itemized section on their userpages for such a thing? - IanPrice
Or maybe their Favorites page, which I'm already scanning. Dunno. - Wordman

Is this still going to be updated? - Eniko

As you can see in the version history, this actually was updated on 21 Dec 2007. I just forgot to change the "next update" date. As fate would have it, the spring equinox is on the 20th, so next update should be soon. - Wordman

Given that there are more people participating now, I'm changing the rules a bit for the next update. See the start of the page. Basically, you can now add one of your own pages to your favorites list (but not your main user page); however, pages that receive only one vote will no longer be listed in the "Top Favorites" list. - Wordman

Serious this time. No more one vote pages. - Wordman