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I am Purified in Moonlight. I am 23 years old and from Philly (Go Birds!). I never really played RPG's before Exalted, but in the 2 or 3 years i've been playing, I've developed a huge respect for RPG's and the people who play them. Big shout out to WW for bringin us a good game. I've benn trying, rather unsuccessfully, to get into playing Exalted on-line. Unfortunately, this seems beyond my comprehension. If some one out there could help me, I will be forever indebted to you.


Check this out My thoughts about some of the obscure things i read in my Exalted books.
Crossover Every one else is doing it.

For You (the reader) aka A self-esteem boost if you need it

As I stated earlier, I never really played RPGs before Exalted. But I knew a few kids in high school who played RPGs like the 'unholy' D&D. I teased, tormented, picked-on, and beat those poor kids relentlessly. Now I kinda understand why I did it. And if you were or are getting picked on simply because your smarter then the masses, don't let those people get to you. I know it sounds cliched, but they are jealous of you. I was one of them 'jocks' in school and on behalf of all of them, let me apologize for thier actions. I know this is of little consolation to that kid who goes home to his Exalted books with a tear in his eye. But keep your head up. You've read about and know of a world that thier little, testosterone addled brains can not even begin to comprehend. Oh, and if your being physically threatened by some one, a punch to the bridge of the nose will stun anyone. Be safe my fellow Exalted players.

Your brother-in-games
Purified in Moonlight


RPOL.net is a great place to find exalted games online. There are many games on here. One I ST for is A Living World, it's a multi ST game, and accepting more players. ~Overshee

Likewise, www.nocturnis.net has forums where games pop up occasionally, though sadly not as much as they used to. Its a neat little community though. --UncleChu

Thanks for the comment! Was there anything in particular on my page that you liked? - Caelene