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About Muni P

Former US Army sergeant and cavalry scout. Lived in fun places like South Korea and Germany. Been to hard places like Macedonia and Kosovo. Got out, moved to Sweden, studied language and went to school alongside cool immigrants. Married a Swedish physician who obsesses over opera and old Birgit Nilsson recordings. A militant pacifist, she grows violent whenever anyone brings up Ace of Base. Now resides with said operaphile in the exotic state of Wisconsin and enjoys the fact that food here is both seasonal and organic. Muni P spends an unhealthy amount of time studying history and thinking about the evolution of human thought. His non-Exalted writings and photos can be found on this cheesy-assed website. He occasionally blogs here.

Salt Lotus

A story of intrigue, Second Breaths and strife within the city Great Forks MunificentPerception/SaltLotus

Luna's Reborn

Reborn Lunars of the First Age walk the Age of Sorrows alongside their Silver Pact brethren and Solar spouses.


Short Essays