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Hallo. I'm just a pretty bog-standard Exalted player, really. And gimme a little bit to set this all up.


BoXPInfernals - Book of Exalted Power: the Infernals! Based on ideas first developed in this RPGnet thread.


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The QuickStartGuide told me to put this here. You should put something here too. --MUrielw
Hi there. Two things: first, please sign in using the Preferences page. Second, please use the "minor edit" checkbox when not making major changes that will interest others. Just do that and everyone will love you! - Telgar
Ah. Merci! --MUrielw
Bodhisattva wrote: I've primarily done my work on the Official Exalted Wiki, and I've done a lot of work with the Infernal Heroes Project. Is any work being done over here? So far, I don't see any. Are you still interested in the project, 'cause we've got some new blood over there to work on things, and we're hoping for input from the people who pioneered the project.