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Welcome, dudes.

Communal Projects I've participated in

  • Ten Thousand Motivations Think of motivations, add them to the list.
  • Manse Relay Write up manses appropriate for specific hearthstones.
  • Favorites Make a list of your favorite wiki pages. Mine are here: Stanoje/Favorites.
  • Charm Descriptors All the words you can stick at the end of Charm names when you don't want to go with Blanding Bland of the Bland Technique again.


Martial Arts

  • Handsome Devil Style Love's hand is cruel and far-reaching.
  • Typhoon Soul Initiation Allows god-bloods access to the Celestial level of martial arts.
  • World-Racing Lightning Style Who could stand against a student of World-Racing Lightning Style? She moves unhindered among her foes and strikes at them in passing, with no fear of pursuit. WARNING: my first attempt at a MA. Probably needs major revising.


  • The Disposables Cells of Essence-users spread all over Creation, ready to be used by their Sidereal masters.


Got a bunch of them at Stanoje/Characters.