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by grypph

New Backgrounds



• +1 Die to rolls using Feature.
•• +2 Dice
••• +3 Dice, -1 Difficulty of all rolls related to Feature.
•••• +4 Dice, -2 Difficulty.
••••• +5 Dice, -3 Difficulty.

Feature can include but are not limited to:

  • Lab (Craft:Water)
    • Breeding Grounds (Craft:Genesis) Req: Lab •••
  • Forge (Craft:Fire)
  • Office (Bureaucracy)
  • Hall (Socialize)
  • Library (Lore)
  • Circle (Occult)
  • Others at the storyteller's whim...

Building a Feature uses the Artifact creation rules for large objects in the core book and falls under Craft(Earth) or Craft(Wood) whichever is higher. It is up to the Storyteller to decide if a given structure can support a Feature or Features within it.

Difficulty: Rating.
Time: 1 week between rolls (I like fast crafting).
Extra Successes needed: 5 x Feature Rating.
Resources: Rating + 1 for materials and manpower.

Example: Mia wishes to have a Feature(Hall) built into her brand new house. She also wishes it to be recorded as Feature(Hall) ••, so she can impress the newest arrivals to her city. This would require a Craft(Earth or Wood) of ••• and is a Difficulty 2 roll, needing 10 extra successes total. Mia would also need to shell out Resources ••• for materials and manpower to build her brand new Hall.

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