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The Six King’s Style Thanks Lossefion

A style developed by set of kings in Threshold for their armies when the Fair Folk and other supernatural threats raise their heads. With great care the masters of the six kingdoms came together and took upon the task of developing the style that would be their homelands shield from now unto eternity. Each of the masters were given a starting point and then given freedom to do as they wished with their budding art. In the end it was only when the six masters came together that they fully developed the style into what it is now.

This style was created in such a way that it can be fueled by an un-Enlightened man’s Willpower or an Essence-Users Motes without much difficulty, for every Willpower 3 motes can instead be spent. In addition it can be paid for in any way that is appropriate of for Thaumaturge such as taking Damage. This style is a introduction to the greater truths of the Martial Arts world and thus is below even the preview of the Roots of the Perfected Lotus. This style may be learned by anyone who is willing to put the time and effort into it, thus it does not need the Root of the Perfected Lotus.

Life-Return Meditation

 Cost: --- [1-2 Willpower]
 Min:  Essence 1, Martial Arts 3, Martial Arts Specialty [The Six King’s Style] 1
 Type:  Simple
 Keyword:  Native [Human]
 Duration:  Permanent
 Prerequisite:  N/A
Fluff: Through intense meditation and dedicated training the user has gained a level of self-awareness that can be
utilized to allow the human body to surpass its natural limits and enter the realm of the supernatural. These teachings
have been around for centuries, hidden in the training of the far-flung sages and master martial artists, but it
wasn’t until the six masters gathered the knowledge together and learned the secrets of a thousand lies. They
learned the Truth of Inner Rebirth.
Crunch: This technique allows the user to soak their whole Stamina in Bashing and half their Stamina in Lethal and
respire as an Exalt.
In addition the user may gain any of the following benefits for a Willpower cost.
•	Step 8 after taking damage the user may convert Lethal [1 WP] or Aggravated [2 WP] damage to Bashing. 
•	When channeling Compassion in an action which protects another person with whom the user has a positive intimacy
the user gains a number of automatic successes equal to the users Compassion instead.  
•	When stunting the user may now heal a health level of Bashing [1 Die Stunt] or Lethal [2 Die Stunt] instead of 
gaining Willpower.
Ex.: Storm-Crow, an adept of The Six King’s Style, falls off a cliff and uses 2 Willpower to convert all damage to 
Bashing. Thus when he crashes to the ground he takes 15/B instead of the 15/L he should've. He can survive this quite a 
bit easier but he stunts on the way down, bleeding momentum off by bouncing between rocks, to get a Dex+ Athletics+ 
stunt bonus with successes beyond 3 giving him a reduction in damage. He can still channel his virtues for more dice  
but he can't gain the benefit of Life-Return Mediation's Channeling rule unless he's protecting someone with a positive 
Intimacy. [An example of this would be if he'd leaps from the cliff to save his life-long companion from dying

Imitating Cloud Posture

Cost: 1-2 Willpower
Min: Essence 1, Martial Arts 3, Specialization [The Six King’s Style] 1
Type: Reflexive [Step 2]
Keyword: Combo-Basic
Duration: Instant or MA in rounds
Prerequisite: Life-Return Meditation
Fluff: To avoid a strike is to negate the force entirely. A master observed a cloud shrouding a mountain and then 
developed this technique using the ideal of floating defense against even the most brutal attacks. 
Crunch: This allows the user to pay 1 WP to gain his Temperance in additional Physical DV or 2 WP for a much longer boost.
Ex.: Storm-Crow has learned Imitating Cloud Posture and a bunch of bandits have surrounded him. One of the enemies 
lunges, winning Join Battle, and swings his chopping sword to finish the young man in one blow. Storm-Crow barely 
manages to stunt out of the attack and begins battling on the defensive, stunting liberally but feels he may need more 
DV soon. When it comes to his action he Raises his DDV by three [His Temperance] for the next 3 actions [2 WP].

Iron-Lake Mountain Pulse

Cost: 1 Willpower
Min: Essence 1, Martial Arts 3, Specialization [The Six King’s Style] 1
Type: Reflexive [Step 2]
Keyword: Combo-Basic
Duration: Martial Arts in Rounds
Perquisite: N/A
Fluff: The wind may howl as loud as it wishes but the mountain will not bow. This philosophy was adopted by one of the 
masters and he came up with this technique using his own knowledge of his body to harden his flesh to the point of it 
becoming an iron carapace. To do this he utilized his inner awareness to control the contortions of his body and 
allowed the ‘iron-water’ in his body to gather at the surface.
Crunch: This charm can be activated when damage is taken. Damage is reduced by a number equal to Conviction+
Specialization [The Six King's Style].
Ex.: Storm-Crow is forced to activate this ability, a bandit manages to pull a firewand out and fire at him, and thus
negates his foes damage by 2 [Conviction] +1 [Specialization] before his armor soak. He's still in danger but he's 
safer with the ability than without.

Honed Steel Needle

Cost: --- 1 Willpower
Min: Essence 1, Martial Arts 4, Specialization [The Six King’s Style] 1
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Combo-Ok
Duration: Instant or Martial Arts in turns
Perquisite: Iron-Lake Mountain Pulse
Fluff: One master crafted his limbs into deadly weapons that could be used to deadly effect in close quarters. This  
technique was to attack not just externally but internally as well. 
Crunch: The user of this art may chose to deal Lethal damage with Natural attacks even if he is not stunting.
Additionally he may spend 1 WP to gain the Piercing tag, or the Overwhelming [Valor] tag. 2 WP may be spent gain both
effects and the Charm will last for a number of personal DV refreshes equal to Martial Arts.
Ex: Storm-Crow is now in a fight for his life against a creature of darkness. His skill in the Six King's Style has 
allowed him to fight so far but his strikes lack the bite to truly endanger his foe. He focuses the steel of his will 
into a strike that will punch through the monsters tough hide. The beast is suddenly taking much more damage, as Storm-
Crow's Valor is a four and thus deals much more minimal damage than the one he was dealing with.

Six Kings Form

Cost: 2WP 
Min: Essence 1, Martial Arts 4, Specialization [Six Kings Style] 2
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Life-Return Meditation; Honed Steel Needle; Iron-Lake Mountain Pulse; Imitating Cloud Posture
Fluff: Wherein the virtues of the Six King's Style are made manifest, the martial artist begins to impose his Will on 
an ever-changing world. The martial artist adopts an upright, classical position – a relaxed stance, ready to defend or 
attack. Every movement is just so, lending a serenity to her every motion. 
Crunch: The martial artist may now stunt as an Exalt if they could not do so before. The martial artist assuming this 
form, the mortal divvies up his Martial Arts score to enhance his ability to fight.  Each point spent on soak adds two 
bashing and one lethal to his soak for the duration of the form. A point in DV will boost either dodge or parry DV but 
not both. His choice determines the form’s appearance: more points to Parry gives him a rolling, violent aspect, while 
more points to Dodge lend a calm, roll-with-it attitude to his movements. Soak makes the form seem more solid without
losing its fluidity.
The Mortal can take a miscellaneous action (-1 DV) to refocus and reassign his choices, changing the appearance of his 
stance. Some who observe the Six King's Form become convinced that the martial artist is practicing multiple different 
styles rather than one.
If the user is a Prodigy at Martial Arts he may add his Prodigy dot to this Charm.
In addition the Martial Artist adds (highest Virtue) to difficulty of all hostile Shaping Actions, or to pools to
defend against such actions. 

Storm-God Strike

Cost: 1 Willpower 
Min: Essence 2, Martial Arts 4, Specialization [The Six King’s Style] 2
Type: Simple [Speed 5]
Keyword: Combo-Ok
Duration: Instant
Perquisite: Six King's Form
Fluff: To strike like lightning, in a flash with sound dragging behind, is the objective of many martial arts but few 
have gotten this close. When a Martial Artist uses this Charm he creates a deadly blade of vacuum.
Crunch: The air blade has Speed 5, Accuracy of Perception+ Martial Arts, Lethal damage of the Martial Artist's current
Willpower, Rate of Highest Virtue, and range of current Willpower+ Specialization [The Six King's Style]x2.
This attack counts as an unarmed strike.

Shooting Star Step Method

Cost: 1 Willpower 
Min: Essence 1, Martial Arts 4, Specialization [The Six King’s Style] 2
Type: Reflexive [Step 2]
Keyword: Combo-Ok and Counterattack
Duration: Instant
Perquisite: Six King's Form
Fluff: To move like the shooting star, that star which goes against fate’s weave, is the dream of many. This power 
grants superhuman speed that allows a person to ‘disappear’ even when an attack would have otherwise stricken the user.
Crunch: Provided that the user has yet to use a move action in the tick he may use this technique to escape damage. The
user vanishes from an attack that would otherwise hit. As part of a dodge,the Martial Artist leaps a distance of up to
(Martial Arts) yards. If this movement takes the martial artist out of her attacker’s current range increment (not
necessarily completely out of range), the attack automatically misses.
In melee this is treated slightly differently as an observant foe so close can adjust their attack to stop user of this
Charm. To do this they have to make a Wits+ Perception roll vs the Martial Artist's Dexterity +Martial Arts + 
Specialization with successes counting as not exiting the current range increment.
This Charm does not affect perfect attacks or ranged attacks that suffer no penalties for range.

The Six Powers Realized Enlightenment

Cost: 1 Bhl, 1 xp
Min: Essence 1, Martial Arts 5, Specialization [The Six King’s Style] 3
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Enlightening
Duration: Scene
Perquisite: Life-Return Meditation, Shooting Star Step Method, Iron-Lake Mountain Pulse, Imitating Cloud
Posture, Storm-God Strike, Honed Steel Needle
Fluff: By training that borders on torture and will that borders on insanity the masters finished their work at the 
dusk of their years and gathered the secrets of the style together to give to their Kings. It had taken six lifetimes 
but they had developed a set of techniques that would allow a kingdom to defend itself from all onslaught. When they 
returned to their homelands after all those years of seclusion they found the ruins of the kingdoms, long since lost to 
the ravages of not the Fair Folk but a singular Dragon-Blooded. 
Like leaves on the wind they scattered to teach the style they’d worked so hard on to others so that if only in some  
small way the Kingdoms would live on.
This technique was the penultimate expression of those Masters will. It opens the Crown Chakra and Root Chakra to allow 
Essence from the outside world to enter the Master allow for nigh-endless use of the style it was rooted in.
 Crunch: When in this form the following rules apply.
•	Any charm that requires the Martial Arts Specialization [Six King's Style] and lasts for 
Martial Arts in rounds may now be activated for the duration of the Six King's Form.
•	Martial Arts Specialization [Six King's Style] may be added to values derived using (MA) 
or (Virtue)
•	At the beginning of every turn the user can spontaneously gain a number of Willpower. To 
do this they roll their Martial Arts Specialization [The Six King's Style] in die and every 
success equals one Willpower point regained.
•	The ST should keep track of Experience Points spent on this charm. When it equals the 
cost of the Essence Channeler Blight, the Martial Artist receives it for no extra cost. 
•	The Martial Artist may also use this charm as experience spent towards related merits at 
the ST’s discretion such as raised Essence rating, Essence Awareness, Essence Mastery, Root of 
the Perfected Lotus, and The Flow of Essence.

Notes: Did some major rehashing of a few things. Let me know if you guys agree with the new Six King's Style. 



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