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The 4400: Exalted

  • The Returnees
    • Total: 4400
    • Exalt Type Split
      • Abyssal: 100
      • Solar: 300
      • Lunar: 400
      • Sidereal: 100
      • Dragon-Blooded: 3500 (700 of each aspect)
    • Both men and women, of varying ages and races
      • Vanish from between 1940-2003
  • Powers
    • Game starts a year after the return; most 4400 have Exalted by this point
    • Bonuses for longer disappearance?
      • Extra charm for every 5 years gone past 10 until 40
      • Extra charm for every 10 years gone past 40
      • Extra dot of Essence for every 10 years past 30
      • Free dot of ‘memories’ background (ala Legacy) for every 20 years missing
    • Sorcery
      • Not allowed at start; limited to Terrestrial for all Exalts barring special circumstances
  • Backgrounds
    • Manse – Not available at start
      • Players with ‘memories’ background 5 might be able to remember where a Manse/demesne once stood with a successful roll
    • Artifact – Limited at start
      • Almost all are utility artifacts; weapons/armor are few and far between
      • Most are items that were on the returnees when they were taken (jewelry, articles of clothing, etc.)


Very rough draft of what I have at the moment. More shall be coming; lemme know what you think of it thus far, though. - Caelene

Side note: if one of them died post-return but pre-Exaltation, would that mean their shard moves to someone else? Similarly, what if one dies post-exaltation? The shard remains? -- GreenLantern

For the moment, yes on both counts. I'm still working out a LOT of the kinks on this idea, though. - Caelene