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I originally joined just to wait to hear more about the ExaltedCompendium.

PatternSpider.netis that replacement as far as questions. But I missed more than just the forum. The Rules found on the EC was what I really liked. And the characters! So I turned to the Wiki for such things. Now I have free reign to add my own as I see fit. And others can see it and say "Hey, That's neat!" and use it. Also it's a chance to have my StarHawk name recognized. I seem to be the type shuffled through the cracks in everything. So if I supply neat or useful stuff people will remember me.

I also wanted to keep some journals of my games here. The ones I play or the ones I run. So I put that here too. Now I just have to remake the page so it looks awesome. This is all my First Edition stuff. For Second edition please see my Other Wikipage

Exalted Resources

My Characters


Age of Air - An Online game that I was playing Nel in.
Return Home - A little page I've set up to collect all the information on the game and setting I'll be using.

Other Stuff I Dig

CircleRelay - Such an Awesome idea. I love it.
CSSWikiSheets - Someday I want to make one of my own.
Other Characters that I've made.
My 2E Wikipage
EXP chart of DOOM

User:StarHawk/The Return Home