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Ten Thousand Motivations

The purpose of this page is to create a big-ass list of character motivations. Really, there's not much more to it. Come up with a stylin' motivation and put it at the end of the list. You might even add two, or, if you really want to go wild, as many as a bunch.

If someone comes up with a way to organize this whole thing (no, alphabetically doesn't count), go for it. For now it's just an uncategorized list. - Stanoje

Actually, I've just though of a really obvious way to categorize the list: by contributor. The occasional name header is probably enough to break up the list a little. Otherwise scrolling through it will get hard on the eyes. And the brain, too! Put in a header with your wiki name and go to town. - Stanoje, again

So, without further ado: the list.

Ten Thousand Motivations


  • Free my brother of the Black Exaltation
  • Make Great Forks the ruling power of the Scavenger Lands
  • Kill a thousand evil Exalts
  • Restore Chiaroscuro to its First Age splendor
  • Bring ruin to every member of House Memnon
  • Become the greatest Dynast of all time
  • Utterly destroy everyone who knows my dark secret
  • Reshape the Guild into a humanitarian organization
  • Make a pilgrimage to each elemental pole
  • Drink from the skull of a Yozi
  • Attain godhood
  • Unite the spirit courts of the South under my rule
  • Be feared by every living Dragon-Blood
  • Make the Silver Pact the laughingstock of all Lunars
  • Force the Realm to pay tribute to my homeland
  • Rock.
  • Cleanse Creation of all shadowlands
  • Take the place of my deathlord
  • Bring Yu-Shan under Solar rule
  • Become the greatest sorcerer of the Second Age
  • Merge Sorcery and Necromancy into one
  • Bring civilization to the barbarian tribes of Creation
  • Grow my own peaches of immortality
  • Urbanize the entire Blessed Isle
  • Transform every mortal in Creation in my image
  • Permanently destroy the Solar Essence of my nemesis
  • Upgrade the Dragon-Blooded to celestial power-level
  • Become Chejop Kejak's successor
  • Stop those she loves from dying
  • Uphold the Dynastic traditions during the Empress' absence
  • Bring chaos and destruction to every city she is in
  • Attain true immortality
  • Make the beings of Creation aware of all their self-deceptions
  • Hollow out the Imperial Mountain and build a vast temple to the Shinma inside
  • Wed the First and Forsaken Lion
  • Permanently seal off Creation from the Wyld
  • Erect a statue to my glory that can be seen from everywhere in Creation
  • Make the Unconquered Sun admit that he is responsible for the sad state of Creation
  • Turn the Maidens against each other
  • Make the Fair Folk into fully corporeal beings
  • Build a floating city in the West to rival any First Age city


Primarily Solar Motivations

  • Restore the Solar Deliberative
  • Restore faith in the UCS
  • Punish the Celestial Heirarchy for not freeing the Solars sooner

More general motivations

  • Revitalize the factory-cathedral system
  • Improve the life of the common man
  • Eliminate the fair-folk on a long-term basis
  • Modify the Realm Defense Grid to also be able to destroy Shadowlands
  • Live an un-interesting life
  • Design a self-replicating race of automatons to serve humankind
  • Restore the functionality of the Underworld's soul processing systems, thus preventing the intermediate state of ghost-dom, and ensuring all souls return immediately to Lethe
  • Publish a means to free the deathlords from their neverborn masters


I hesitate to say "Solar" motivations, though a few specifically are. That said, they're largely too epic to be done by any other group.

  • Design a new disease based on the great contagion that will instead send ghosts into Lethe.
  • Design a 'disease' that infects Chaos, turning it into Creation. Make it so that it turns fair folk into creation appropriate entities as well.
  • Fragment my own soul like a primordial, so that I supersede the bounds of exaltation and grow more powerful than the gods.
  • Develop a new technological infrastructure that will have all the glory of the first age, but will be maintainable by the dragon blooded so that the world wont fall into chaos next time they turn on us and kill us all because we're crazy. (This is of course only valid after your solar conquerers the world, and only if they have an accurate memory of themselves in the first age.)
  • Free the Yozi, but at the same time, reshape them into benevolent rulers of creation by controlling the changes resulting from destroying third circle demons.
  • Bring the Neverborn back to life. Preferably reshaping them into benevolent rulers of creation as was mentioned above.
  • Convince Oblivion that it should go on strike until it gets a pay raise. Or maybe go on a vacation to somewhere it isn't threatening creation.
  • Win the games of divinity.
  • Date all five maidens without letting any of them know you're cheating on them. Thats right, not even the maiden of secrets.
  • And, only if you enjoy setting yourself up for failure: Don't go crazy! (Solar)


Drawn from the game I'm currently playing in:

  • Create a glorious magitech era surpassing the First Age.
  • Assert myself in the minds of all Creation as the greatest treasure hunter who ever lived.
  • Bring my House (Nellens) to their rightful place as rulers of the world.

"Good Guy" motivations:

  • End slavery across Creation by replacing them all with automata.
  • Transform (The Guild, The Realm, The Haslanti League, Lookshy / The Confederation of Rivers, etc.) into my tool to set right all the wrongs in the world, starting with (The Deathlords, The Fae, one of the above powers, "whatever it was made us act like assholes and got us usurped" [aka "The Great Curse"], The Sidereals, The Gods, The Yozis, Autochthon, etc.).
  • Cure all diseases.
  • Put a stop to famine.
  • End all current wars, and prevent any more from ever happening.

Selfish motivations:

  • Prove to everyone I am the best at (chosen Ability or profession)!
  • Acquire a harem of the most beautiful and powerful (gender of choice) in the world.
  • Accumulate wealth, and control of wealth, dwarfing the achievements of the Guild.

"Bad Guy" motivations:

  • Annihilate (major world power or people group), because they wronged me.
  • Kill all (whatever), because I can.
  • Bring the malign order (or chaos) of my (Malfean / Yozi / Raksha) masters to all of Creation.
  • Kill my Master and replace (him / her / it).

Off-kilter motivations:

  • Eliminate slavery by replacing them with the walking dead.
  • Make peace with (The Deathlords, The Fae, The Yozis, The Autochthonians, etc.).

new dude

  • Be awesome.


  • Save Creation


Universal Nice Guy Motivations

  • Defend the weak
  • Make the world a better place
  • Kill/destroy/annihilate X Deathlord / Fae / other evil dude
  • Party hard

Evil Dude Motivations

  • Send all Creation into Oblivion
  • Do whatever the #$($%#@% I want!

Random Motivations

  • Get a date with that sexy Deathknight / Solar / whatever
  • Find the Scarlet Empress and (Insert action of choice)
  • Become so famous nobody will ever forget you
  • Recover all of your First Age memories
  • Kill all those stupid meddling Sidereals
  • Meet the gods in person
  • Amass the world's largest collection of random junk from every corner of Creation
  • Expand the borders of Creation
  • Make dead people's deaths more comfortable


  • Remove the Great Curse
  • Destroy the Games of Divinity
  • Save the Empress from the Ebon Dragon in Malfeas
  • Visit all places aside from Creation
  • Claim Elsewhere as a domain
  • Become the strongest
  • Avenge my master's murder
  • Get a taste of Celestial Wine
  • Steal a basket full of peaches in Yu-Shan
  • Win the Games of Divinity
  • Relieve Marika from her curse
  • Free Denandsor from its curse and make it a coastal city
  • Free Thorns from the Mask of Winters
  • Replace Lytek
  • End the conflict between the Linowans and the Haltans
  • Start a successful Martial Arts school
  • Destroy all weapons in Creation
  • Open the Mouth of Oblivion
  • Take the control of all Celestial Lions in Yu-Shan and Creation
  • Learn all languages in Creation
  • Find jobs for all unemployed Gods
  • Persuade the Bronze Faction that the Silver Faction is a better idea
  • Impregnate all the Maidens
  • Do nothing
  • Do as everyone else says
  • Become a third circle demon
  • Swallow Leviathan whole
  • Seduce Chejop Kejak
  • Take control of the Loom of Fate
  • Take control of all Pattern Spiders
  • Eliminate criminality in Nexus
  • Walk into the Imperial City to visit its library in full solar anima flare
  • Buy the Heptagram as a summer palace for your new Empire
  • Convince all Immaculate Monks that Anathema no longer exist


Unfortunately these are not motivations, these are goals. Motivation is greed, altruism, honour, etc. Anyway, this is an awesome list of goals.

For a start on "Fragment my own soul like a primordial..." - learn Border of Kalaidescopic Logic Style from Scroll of the Monk. One of the final few charms in that style allows you to assume a form similar to that of a Primordial for a short time. - Ianprice

There are probably some Raksha Charms along those lines that an enterprising Eclipse could learn, too. - Stanoje
Hmm, that does sound interesting. Maybe I will pay to have it shipped here (Japan). - ExhilaratedRosewood
Well, have you read the Charms chapter in Sidereals, or the Demon section in Games of Divinity? The whole Fair Folk book's similar to that style. Only more beautifully weird, and more weirdly beautiful.
Also, I've put up some more motivations. Now it's your turn again, gentle readers. - Stanoje

"Make the Fair Folk into fully corporeal beings" - If you're patient enough to do it one at a time, Order-Affirming Blow (Solar, Lore) does just that. Potentially. At the storytellers discression. - ExhilaratedRosewood