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This is an overview of my various fan builds, house rules, etc. and how they all fit together with each other, with the official canon, and with other fan builds.

(I want to apologize in advance for how messy my page histories are; I'm not very good about checking "minor edit" when appropriate. I'm working on getting better at that ^_^ )


The CallMeCanon

by CallMeCal
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Pretty much all of my builds reference or are related to one another in some way (*Like so.); they really are all part of a connected canon (the CallMeCanon, if you will ^_^ ). You are of course welcome to use bits and pieces in your own campaign if you like, but you will probably have to do some homebrewing to disconnect it from the other pieces.

* Anything labeled in this image as "Borrowed from elsewhere" not credited on this page was borrowed from my Storyteller.

House Rules


(Based on my Storyteller's adaptation of the Renown system from cWoD)


All Exalted use this same base Excellency system:
First Excellency: 1m per 2 dice, a maximum of (Ability + Essence) times for the same roll
Second Excellency: 2m per success, a maximum of (Ability + Essence) times for the same roll
Third Excellency: 3m per reroll, a maximum of (Essence) times for the same roll

All Exalted get First Excellencies for all their Caste and Favored Abilities for free at Character Creation. Additionally, they get Second Excellencies for all Caste and Favored Abilities at Essence 3, and Third Excellencies at Essence 4.
Most importantly, these free Excellencies do not count as a charm use, meaning they may effectively be "comboed" for free.
Any Excellencies not received for free this way must be bought and used as Charms in the normal way.

(Alchemical First/Second/Third Augments follow all of the rules listed above as though they were Excellencies, but they must still be installed in a Charm slot to be useable.)

New Background: Past Lives

(Based on the official Infernal canon, but is available for anybody)
Lytek cleans the Exaltations of all their memories when he receives the shard before passing it on to the next incarnation. However, sometimes some memories slip through the cracks, and the overall patterns etched by the memories will always remain. With dots in Past Lives, you are able to draw on those memories, or see into those patterns, and remember things from your previous incarnation(s).
x None. You have no knowledge of any of your prior Exaltations.
• You remember the Motivation of a single prior Exaltation.
•• You remember two Motivations and three Intimacies, spread across a maximum of three prior Exaltations.
••• You remember three Motivations and four Intimacies, spread across a maximum of five prior Exaltations. You also have a single more detailed memory of one scene from a past Exaltation's life.
•••• You remember five Motivations and ten Intimacies, spread across a maximum of fifteen Exaltations. You also have three more detailed memories of scenes from past Exaltations' lives.
••••• You can, if pressed, recall all the Motivations and Intimacies of any and every of your prior Exaltations. You also have up to ten more detailed memories of scenes from past Exaltations' lives.
(Note: The "prior Exaltations" need not be the most recent ones)

The memories left in an Exalt's Shard are not easily found; they escaped detection by Lytek, after all. Their influence is felt subtly over time, and specific recollection of them is a tricky process. If an Exalt has one or more dots of Past Lives, she may roll (Past Lives + Essence) when she goes to sleep, a maximum number of times per Chapter as her Past Lives rating, to see if the memories influence her dreams that night. On a success, she gets an ambiguous unsettling feeling upon waking, as though the past has something to tell her but is unable to do so. Threshold successes add information to the dream, but recalling it in any useful detail requires a successful roll of (Past Lives + Occult), Difficulty (7 - Threshold Successes on dream roll). Even succeeding on this only allows her to perceive and remember the dream, it does not reveal its source; to see it as more than just a dream requires a successful (Perception + Essence) roll, Difficulty (7 - Past Lives rating). Succeeding on this roll reveals to her that what she is seeing in these dreams are echoes of her past Exaltations; determining which Exaltation a given memory comes from requires a roll of (Intelligence + Lore + Essence), Difficulty (10 - Past Lives rating). Succeeding on that roll gives both the name of the relevant Exalt, as well as how many incarnations back she lived. It does not reveal specific times, dates, or locations not already present in the memories themselves; such information must be found externally through research. Note that each roll described here requires a success on the roll described before it to even attempt.

Dots in Past Lives can be bought after Character Creation. Story-wise, this change is retroactive; the memories she now has access to have been in her Shard all along, but only now will they begin to surface. Mechanically, the new information she now has available to her may now begin appearing in her dreams; all rolls and rules apply as per usual.

Expanded Content

Colossus and Metropolis Charms for Alchemicals.

Exalt Types

The Twenty-Four Exaltations

Ascended Terrestrials: The Gaian Exalted
Cogs in the God-Machine: The Machinical Exalted
Caretakers of Creation: The Xenomorphic Exalted
Exalted of the Wyld: The Arcadians

The Proscenic Exalted
The Chimeric Exalted
The Narrative Exalted
The Seasonal Exalted
The Unfounded Exalted


The Nine Magical Materials
Vespiryé (Verdigrised Moonsilver Axe-klave-tar)


Character Sheet Templates

Exceptions to Canon Books

Aside from these exceptions, my fan builds use and are compatible with Second Edition.

Fair Folk are taken from Exalted: The Fair Folk (First Edition) instead of Graceful Wicked Masques.
Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals is replaced in its entirety with MUrielw's Infernals.


Uses flavor, story, or mechanics from:
DeathBySurfeit's Penumbral Exalted - Used mechanics for Synodics
Kuiper's Somnial Exalted - Used mechanics for Obsolescents
MUrielw's Infernals - Used flavor, story, and mechanics in its entirety ^_^

Uses names and/or inspiration from:
BerserkSeraph's Seasonal Exalts - Used name for Wyld-template Terrestrials
DeathBySurfeit's Infernal Martial Arts - Inspired and informed many Xenomorphic Charms
FrivYeti's Nihilics - Used name for Void-template Lunars
Telgar's Synodics - Used name for Void-template Sidereals
TheTulgeyWoods' Arcadians - Used name as collective term for all Wyld-template Exalts

Honorable mention:
Qzujak49's Dragon Graced - Awesome idea that I really liked, but it didn't really fit in my canon

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