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I post this work with the utmost respect to White Wolf for producing two fantastic game worlds. The idea of Scion and Exalted blended together just sounded too good for me to resist.
So I present....

The Champion Exalted

An adaptation and conversion of Scion:Hero to Exalted
by Dragon of the Dawn

The Champion Exalted are God Bloods who have been chosen by their divine Parent to defend creation and spread their influence. Gaia granted the Champion shards to only a select few Terrestrial Gods. Those she chose were the most loyal to her and Creation.

The shards she used to create the Champion Exalted are lost exalted shards of fallen Incarana.

Before the war there were other Incarana and they had exalted of their own. When those Incarna were destroyed by the Primordial’s their chosen ones went mad and destroyed each other (Infernals Book). In her time of need Gaia collected the shards of the lost exalted and re-forged them into the Champion Exalted.

Each shard is re-built upon one of the four Virtues. Once a Champion is chosen she is forever a Champion of that particular virtue (Crusader, Disciple, Shepard and Herald).


When the first Infernal stepped onto creation, Gaia bled. In that moment Gaia consulted the Loom of Fate. It seemed that no matter what action she proposed to the Loom it predicted that creation was doomed to fire and shadow. She was about to give up hope when she saw a faint glimmer of possibly between the flames and shadow. She focused her near infinite mind on this weak thread of fate. It unraveled in her hand like a book eager to be read. According to this tiny thread there was a possibility of survival. Her Dragonblooded children have grown weak and the ranks of her Lunar guardians have become too thin and the Solars where too young and seemed more erratic than she remembered. According to that minute strand of fate the time has come for a new champion to defend creation.

She did not expect such an answer. Where would she get this new Exalted from? Autochthon left creation with the secret and not even she could reach him. Then it dawned on her, she did not have to make new exalted shards she simply had to re-forge old ones. Before the Primordial War there were more Incarna than there are today. Now, only the Incarna and those of greater power remember who they where. With her perfect memory Gaia recalled a time before the Primordial War. She remembered a friend. It was an Incarna of breath taking beauty. She smiled slightly as the memory of its caressing winds flowed through her hair played through her mind. Then she turned her head to fight back a tear. The curse of perfect memory is that one cannot forget even if they want too. In perfect clarity she sees a bitter, paranoid primordial obliterate her friend with one blow. There was nothing left, every thing that was It was gone. Not even a true memory. Even she could’t remember its name, which made it all the more painful.

When a Incarna was destroyed their Chosen went mad and destroyed each other. Their shards did not return to Lytek. Since their Incarana was destroyed the shards simple wandered with no purpose. Some shards of the destroyed Incarna were lost to the Wyld, the Abyss and so on but Gaia knew that there were still some wandering creation and its borders.

She set about the task of gathering the shards. Since her power is vast it did not take her very long to gather them. It took but a moment for her to reverse engineer the shards enough so that she could re-forge them. Then once her work was done she had to choose too whom should she give them?

She chose the Terrestrial Gods for they were the more connected to the workings of creation than those in Yushan. She grinned to her self at the outrage her choice would cause.

Each God received guidelines on bestowing the exaltation’s but left the decision of who received them to the Gods themselves. The standard guideline was that only a child of the Patron (god-blood) could be exalted.

When a God-Blooded proves himself worthy of Exaltation their divine parent whisper’s the chosen’s name to a shard and releases it. The shard then rushes through creation and violently joins with the chosen God-Blood. As the shard merges with the God-Blood it detects the host’s highest virtue and attunes itself to that. Thus when the transformation is complete the chosen one is now Champion of their patron in a way that best fits soul of the chosen. From that point on she has been empowered to defend creation from all foes and to spread the word of her patron to the farthest corners of creation.

Note: Gaia gave shards to all loyal Terrestrial Gods whose essence is 6 or higher.