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I've split crafts into three categories:

  • Mundane Crafts(Fire, Earth, Air, etc.),
  • First Age Crafts (Magitech, Elsewhere, Permanence, etc.), and
  • Exotic Crafts (Fate, Pandemonium, Necrosurgery, etc.)

Mundane Crafts may have any number of specialties attached, above and beyond the normal three dot limitation. However, only three dots may be used on any roll. First Age Crafts are limited to three dots total of specialties, Ever, so choose wisely. Exotic Crafts are judged on a per Craft basis, starting with Mundane rules. Use of artifacts to enhance Craft Specialties are counted as Artificial Specialties and are permanent and unchangeable after XP has been spent.

First Age Crafts

Craft (Magitech)

Mins: Fire ••, Air ••, and other Craft •
Limit: Lore.
Uses: Enchantment, Creation, Maintenance of First Age Devices.
Training: Standard (pg. 274)

This is the main First Age craft used to forge most of the artifacts of the first age.

Craft (Genesis)

Mins: None.
Limit: Lore, Medicine, Occult.
Uses: Create or Modify Life.
Training: Standard (pg. 274)

Used for various purposes, this Craft hasn't been changed from the Cannon rulings.

Craft (Permanence)

Mins: 10 dots of other Crafts(any) per •;
Limit: None, story driven.
Uses: Remove need of Repair
Training: uses Non-Favored training times, Mentor for each level.

This Craft is used primarily to get rid of a supposed project's final repair rating. It can remove a number equal to the rating from a repair rating IF a plan is made using it, and followed, before construction begins.

Craft (Elsewhere)

Example Specialties: Expansion, Contraction, Perception of Reality, Storage.

Mins: Air •••, Water •••, Magitech ••, and an Essence of •••.
Limit: Occult, Integrity, Resistance.
Uses: Spatial Fluxuation and Continuum.
Training: uses Non-Favored training times.

This craft deals with not only the perception of warped spaces, but the actual designs of warped space. Used in the construction of Gates of Auspicious Passage (pg. 50, WoLA).

Craft (Essence)

Example Specialties: Crafted Consciousnesses, Essence Weapons, Transportation.

Mins: Essence ••••.
Limit: Lore, Occult, Integrity, Resistance (no it's not supposed to be easy.)
Uses: Creation of items of pure Essence.
Training: One Month per Dot. Current Rating x4 (no Caste discount)

Not Yet

Craft (Material Engineering)

Craft (Reality)


Several Charms are being used in play along with these Crafts and I figured I'd mention them:

The Perfect Moment (IsawaBrian), Felicitous Multi-Stage Wonder Preparation (IsawaBrian), and the entire Phantom Craftsman Assembly tree (IanPrice)