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The Lair of John Biles

Hello there, I'm John Biles, fanfic writer WHO FINALLY FINISHED HIS Ph.D. AFTER 3 BILLION YEARS (as of November 2005). Now I just need full-time employment...

I hope to eventually get all my various Exalted ramblings up here.




House Rules


Comments, Salutations, Hurled Rocks, Etc.

It's good to see you here. _Ikselam

I've been meaning to get this stuff up online somewhere for a million years, and finally got up the energy to do it. -- John Biles

What's CoaEG? It sounds interesting ^_^ Should I recognize the acronym?
-- Darloth

Children of an Elder God. It turns Evangelion on its head by mixing the universe with the Cthulhu mythos. You see, now, Eva makes sense to the AUDIENCE, and when the CHARACTERS figure it out, they go insane. Not the other way around. Great little fanfiction, one of my favorites. Google for "children of an elder god" and you should find it easily enough. -- Ketrus, who apparently can't pass up a chance to be an ass-kissing fanboy.
Children of an Elder God - I like it. I like Wheel of Anime and Summer People MORE, but I like it. - Dasmen
Heh. I like your way of differentiating between our story and the original, Ketrus.  :) --JohnBiles
Hey, I just finished reading CoaEG, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. One question though...where's the end? - BlackFlame
It's coming along extremely slowly because now Rod and I work for a living and Rod's writing mojo gets eaten up by his job. - JohnBiles

Hey Mr. Biles! Saw your comment on the lost 13th Legion, and wanted to comment on how much cool stuff is tucked away in the corners of this Wiki. I only found that gem from doing a Lookshy search. I also use the Random page function all the time to find cool stuff like that. I lament how much content can be lost in a transition to the WWWiki. Anyway, keep up the expedient work on your nightmarish Kawaii Ekuzaarutedo. The sooner you finish, the sooner your fine skills can be diverted to more... dignified contributions! ;) --UncleChu

I reserve my dignity for my historical work, as I don't have much of it to spare. :) --JohnBiles

Hello, and I hope you ever come to notice this. I used to go by 'Wings' in the old Wiki, and I wrote the Charm trees for the Gothic Lolitas. That was, what, three years ago, I think? Anyway, I got into Exalted 2e, and the good memories of my First Edition times brought me back to this little project of yours. I think I want to get back to work on this again, even if nobody else cares about it anymore (I don't like leaving things unfinished, even if I do that a lot). I was thinking of fixing the existing charm trees for Exalted 2e rules instead of the mishmash we have right now, then move on to Robot Girls and Devious Demonesses, and then to the Underworld lore I promised years ago. But I won't do this before you give me the nod, so there you go. Can I get to it while I still have the will to actually do it? Please? --Daneel Rush