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Paper Blades

Artifact • to •••
No magical material
Commitment: 0 motes (or 1 mote, see below)

A variation on the prayer strips of the Sidereals, these uncommon items take the form of several pieces of paper covered with elaborate calligraphy in a mystical arrangement. Anyone touching an unattuned piece may reflexively spend a single mote to instantly attune to a that piece of the paper. Upon attunement, the paper immediately folds itself into a mystic dagger with the strength of fine steel. Different sizes and shapes of paper exist that fold themselves into different weapons, and many are further emblazoned with sigils of order and structure that drive out demons and fair folk. (For +1 dot of artifact rating, any paper blade may be upgraded to deal aggravated damage to demons and the fae.)

                Spd    Acc    Dam    Def    Art    Minimums
Paper Dagger    +4     +1     +2L    -2     o      Str 1
Paper Sword     +3     +2     +3L    +2     oo     Str 1
                         Acc    Dam    Rate    Range    Art
Paper Throwing Knives     +1    +3L      4      15      o (for six)


If anyone wants to do power combat stats for these, feel free. - F

Well that is a differant approach on stealing from Read or Die, this makes the third take I have seen, one day I will get around to posting mine - Blackedout