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Soon to have lots of rambles as well as ideas. Not too much crunch, because honestly I can come up with ideas, but converting them to rules kinda eludes me at the moment.

I'm Blackflame59 on the WW forums.

About Me

I've been role-playing for about 10 years now, mostly Dnd. I'm new to Exalted, just started running my first game even though I've been buying most of the books (I was trying to con someone else into running). I only have a few of the Second Edition books, so right now I'm running first edition...I just don't see the need to spend even more money, though I like some of the rules changes.

Current Game

My first Exalted Game - My first time running Exalted, or playing at all for that matter

Alicrast - He plays Tepet Alicrast, and used to play Doda.
and no one else has a wiki page...yet.

Future(?) Games

Game Ideas - Some things I might run in the future...or not


My Artifacts - Just some ideas right now...not stated out.
House Rules - Not all of these are my idea, but I plan on using them in my next game.
SolarPresence/BlackFlame - my first attempt at custom charms...


Vvardenfell - from Elder Scrolls III. Work in Progress.


Battle Fortress Metagalapa - Inspired by the Titans mentioned in Wonders of the First Age
Alternate Signature Characters - Something for a challenge.

My Favs

FrivYeti - Wyldspan is my favorite alternate setting that I have read so far.
Telgar - The man can make some damn fine artifacts.
IsawaBrian - LOTS of charms, all good.
FluffRelay - A lot more interesting than the stuff I could whip up.
CrunchRelay - See above


Feel free to add some.

I shall have to look into this here campaign. Running games from someone fresh into Exalted intrigue me. -RakshaBoy, aka DarkheartOne

Thanks! Feel free to give me some feedback, good or bad I'm open for it. - BF