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The Lesser Magical Materials

Less powerful than the FiveMagicalMaterials, these lesser materials still hold often considerable power, although those with great power are rarely as flexible as the Five. Still, mortals and sorcerers of lesser skills find them sufficient for their needs, and they are often a useful component in the creation of greater artifacts.


A material found only in rare deposits in the distant North, Feathersteel is mined only by the Haslanti League. It is primarily used in Haslanti Airboats and weapons because of its immense strength and light weight. Objects made of Feathersteel are considered exceptional. Further details on Feathersteel can be found in ScavengerSons

Adamant (Time of Tumult)

Adamant is a glassy, crystalline material which is extremely sharp, hard and brittle. Weapons made of adamant do aggravated damage, but are prone to break. It is described on page 75 of Time of Tumult where it is suggested to be the Magical Material version of glass, just as Orichalcum and Moonsilver are the Magical Material versions of gold and silver. Adamant is also used in Rathess fairly extensively. Adamant weapons likely gain exceptional bonuses if properly constructed rather then improvised, but exactly how to make or forge Adamant has been unknown since the GreatContagion.

The relationship (if any) between Chairoscuran Glass and Adamant is unknown, but they are fairly obviously not the exact same substance.

Adamant (Autocthonian)

A glass-like substance that shares properties of glass, crystal and metal found and used extensivly in Autocthonia. The Autocthonians treat Adamant as a sixth MagicalMaterial to the extent that there exists a Caste of Alchemical Exalted attuned to Adamant. Autocthonian Adamant is demonstratably a different material from both Chiaroscuran Glass and the Adamant found in Time of Tumult.

When used in melee weapons, Adamant inflict piercing damage or, as an alternative possibility, reduces the soak of the target's armor by 4 if the stroke connects. When used in armor, Adamant increased the lethal soak by 3 and reduces the Fatigue value by 1. In ranged weapons, Adamant causes Piercing damage just as it does in melee weapons.

Black Lead

Possibly the "signature" material of the InfernalExalted, based on its use with Dukantha in First Edition.

Chairoscuro Glass

This steel-hard, brightly coloured substance is found only in the Southern City of Chiaroscuro. As of yet no one has found a way of producing more. Skilled smiths and thaumaturges craft wonderous armor and weapons from the fragements of Glass scavenged in the ruined sections of the city.

Chiaroscuro Glass is described on page 42 of Scavenger Sons, and if used to create a weapon or suit of armour, automatically makes it exceptional. In doing so, the bonuses are pre-assigned to +1 Accuracy, +1 Damage and +1 Defense for weapons, or +1/+1 lethal/bashing soak for armour. It adds a varying amount of dots to price, depending on how complicated the type of weapon or armour is to make with barely molten shards of glass.

Coralline (Darloth)

Found usually in the far west, but occasionally anywhere that corals grow, Coralline is a type of coral with extremely unusual properties. While it is brittle and breaks without significant effort, it is uniquely receptive to earth essence, and can often be found in earth-aspected demesnes (although there are few of those with coral pools or near coastlines). Corraline can be worked by carving or powdering and then setting it, and once it has been shaped into whatever form the crafter desires, it can be steeped in Earth-aspected essence to harden it. The coral draws up the essence, and it is then fixed with a speck of jade, usually white or black. This process makes the material light and strong, but still rather brittle if hit obliquely. As such, corralline makes exceptional weapons (+1 speed, accuracy and defense) but rather poor armour (-1 fatigue value, easily breakable).


((Found somewhere to the east, makes wooden weapons hold an edge/hard as iron.))

Fire Steel (CrownedSun)

((Found down south somewhere, makes weapons hot, and inflict extra damage.))

Sailing Stone

((Makes floating islands))


Please add any more you come across... Fire steel would be a notable one, I have no idea where I read that, I'll check scavenger sons later(Nb: couldn't find it in there). In addition, these should perhaps be given separate sub-pages, especially if people make/find more. I leave that up to people editing the page... not sure whether they should beMagicalMaterials/FeatherSteel or Feathersteel. Hope this is helpful to someone.
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Urk? Weapons made of adamant do aggravated damage? Is that actually listed and explained somewhere? If so, I missed it... and am skeptical. -szilard

Yep, it's listed and explained in Time of Tumult. Page 75, although the agg damage reference is a little before that. There's this weird telescoping-spike-dagger onna stick, and it has knife stats, but with agg damage. It's completely unmagical, it's just made of admant...
-- Darloth

huh. I think/hope that might be a weird and/or poorly conceived exception. I am pretty sure that when they talk about the adamant throwing knives that can be made from the wings of the Birds of Vanileth (Ruins of Rathess), they don't say that - and just say that the weapons would be exceptional or something. Aggravated damage is remarkably - and thankfully - rare in Exalted and tends to be focused on specific entities (such as the Solar attacks that do aggravated damage to creatures of darkness). -szilard

There seem to be two types of adamant, and someone somewhere made up some nice fluff about them, I think on a user-subpage. But I can't remember who or where. If it was you, please link it here?
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What happens if a weapon that already does piercing damage is made from Adamant though? - Trithne
Same thing that happens with Fatigue 0 armors made of Jade and Mobility -0 armors made of Moonsilver. - Telgar
Is Adamant what you're looking for? -- Taichara