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nikink's page o' goo

5th March 2009 - Oh look, I have 45 orphans... my bad! Will sort these out before the next orphan check by Wordman. Sorry folks!

Ok, Moved the Old and Dusty Stuff toNikink/ArchivedPage and attempting a bit cleaner wiki style.


  • City of Gold : This was our original Solar game, which led to numerous other games in one interlocking, though disparate, timeline.
    • Road Of Steam (Terrestrials in the South-West) (and a short lived Sidereal counter-point)
    • Rise Of Darkness (Lunars in the South)
    • Rings Of Iron and Glass (Abyssals in the East)
    • Nikink/RiseOfNations Mandate of Heaven test run (that never went anywhere
  • Nikink/PromiseOfAges
  • Nikink/ImmortalKombat (just a simple beat 'em up game for the whole family to enjoy :) )


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So, did people loose interest in Immortal Combat? -Sabis

No, just RL stuff, like I was away for a couple of weeks. I'm back now, and am looking forward to getting back into it with a new contestant. It's always hard to build up the previous momentum after a break though, sorry! I want to get the untranscribed matches up soon. - nikink