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Level 2

Antelope Armour - Jade - Jarons20 
Boosts awareness, dodge, and allows the wearer to sprint three times as fast.
Armour of the Legions - Jade - Malikai 
Strong jade armour.
Azure Plate - Black Jade - Telgar 
Makes the oceans warm and comfortable for the wearer, and removes penalties while underwater.
Blessed Hero Armour - None - Telgar 
Can grant a mortal an essence of 2 and allow them to do stunts and double successes on 10's.
Chameleon Coat - Jade - Ikselam 
Jade buff jacket that can blend in with its surroundings, aiding in stealth.
Cloth of Tortured Screams - Soulsteel - Kraken 
A deathknight's armor woven from her own voice.
Geomantic Pauldrons - Variable - Ambisinister 
Sturdy shoulder pieces which provide benefits based on inset hearthstones.
Glorious Armor of the Undimming Sun - Orichalcum - Somori 
Zenith Caste armor that discourages anyone attack the wearer.
Shadowed Armor of the Clouded Sun - Orichalcum - Somori 
Armor that is tougher and lighter than it's normal counterpart, but it's true form is clouded from view.
Sharpshooter Armor - Power Armor - Ambisinister 
Lightweight armor that provides an edge for ranged combat enthusiasts.
Storm Jacket - Orichalcum - CrownedSun 
Night caste armour that looks like only a jacket, has hidden pockets and adds to defense.
Soul's Armor Amulets - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
A powerful upgrade to the aegis-inset amulet.
Temple's Vigil - Ash Damascus Helm - Ambisinister 
A malfean helm which grants its wearer preternatural awareness.