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Level 1 Offensive Artifacts

Clinchvine Bracers - Vegetative - Hapushet 
Dragon King Weapon.
Dragon's Tooth - Any - Moxiane 
Small version of a daiklave.
Fang Dagger - None - Odin81 
Small dagger treated as an unarmed attack; can add half of user's essence to damage.
Fang Leader's Blade - none - Malikai 
A minor artifact weapon, mortal useable
Genesis Sling - Soulsteel or Orichalcum - DarkPhoenix 
A fairly mundane sling, that launches metal slugs in not-so mundane ways; useable by mortals.
Ghost Arrows - None - Odin81 
Arrows that can damage immaterial undead and nemissaries riding zombies; deals aggravated damage to undead spirits.
Liquid Blade - (Almost) None - Darloth 
A bladeless hilt that attracts liquid to use as its edge; usable by mortals.
Resplendent Wrappings of the Master - Any - Seraph 
Wrappings of a magical material that allow lethal attacks and parries with hands; other bonuses depend on material (also at Electric Paladin's. .
Rings of the Dawning Desert Sun - Orichalcum - Somori 
Solid Orichalcum rings that allow the user to do Lethal damage with unarmed attacks for a scene.
Scarlet Dragon Wand - Red Jade - Quendalon 
Firewand with exceptional balance and extra ferocity.
The Serpent Fang Knife - Jade - CrownedSun 
Very light, knife-like daiklave that can cause hallucinations in enemies
Skirmish Pikes - Various - Dark-Sidhe 
Adaptation of the skirmish pike from 1e to 2e.


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