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Level 2 Offensive Artifacts

Alacrity - Orichalcum - Moxiane 
Daiklave that offsets the multiple action penalty by 2.
Beholder's Eye - Orichalcum - Telgar 
Bow that can change arrows into other arrows and enchant them to reduce a target's dodge and parry pools.
Blooms of Entwined Lovers - None - Andrix 
War fans crafted from flowers, designed to make courtesans even more irresistable.
Blueblade - Black Jade - Telgar 
Daiklave that can turn the targets blood into water for extra damage, but suffers from a curse.
Burning-Heaven Disks - Any - BogMod 
Wind-fire wheels.
Caskets of Firedust Conversion ~ None ~ Shataina 
Powered by trapped demons or elementals, these caskets can enchant firedust so that it's no longer aspected to Fire, but to a different Element instead, changing the effect of the enchanted dust when it explodes from a firewand.
Caller of the Suns Arrows - Orichalcum - Somori 
Short bow with arrow creation and flaming arrow enchantments.
Dual Ice Daggers - None - Miedvied 
Dual daggers that do extra damage that is unstoppable by armour.
Daiklave Chains - Any - Andrix 
My revisions of the stats given in Scroll of the Monk
Energy Skycutter - Any - BrilliantRain 
Boomerang. I'll stab you.
Falling Bears Claw - Orichalcum - Somori 
Large hammer that can send enemies flying great distances.
Forgotten Edges - none - Ambisinister 
Knives favored by assassins and thieves.
Fighting Harpoon - Orichalcum - Hui 
Harpoon that can be called back to the user when thrown.
Glass Daiklave - Any - CrownedSun 
Glass-based blades that can glow.
Gloriously Obedient Binder - Any - Will 
Silk sash that doubles as color-changing fighting chain or restraints.
Glory of the Unconquered - Orichalcum - Darzoni 
Grimcleaver that doubles the effect of armor, but halves natural soak.
God-Smacking Gloves - Black jade - Seiraryu 
Punch a dematerialized spirit.
Hair of Luna - Moonsilver - IFoundSquirrels 
Sneaky longbow that fires arrows formed out of its moonsilver string.
Infinite Ice Axe - Blue Jade - Moxiane 
Does extra cold damage, can freeze water, and can destroy mortal weapons with its freezing powers.
The Janitor's Broom - None - BrilliantRain 
The mint with the unbridled power of the Unconquered Sun.
Loyal Staff - Any - Vampir 
A staff for anyone who fears thieves. Has additional powers based on the Magical Materials.
Mignight Star Razor - Blue Jade - Mailanka 
Reaver daiklave that will never botch, unless it tastes the blood on an innocent, when it will botch at a horrible moment.
Mirror Weapon - Any - BrilliantRain 
Bladeless hilt that can mimic any weapon.
Nine Brazen Dragons Wand - Red Jade - Quendalon 
Firewand that does extra damage; can also hold 10 shots at once (only one shot fireable per turn, as usual).
Orichalcum Umbrella - Orichalcum - DarkWolff 
An umbrella to protect you from the rain..and your enemies.
Pen-Yen's Magic Staff - Orichalcum - Ikselam 
Reduces the cost of sorcery by 10 motes, at the expense of doubling the casting time.
Pig Sticker - Moonsilver - MelWong 
A lvl 2 moonsilver dagger for a Changing Moon. Nasty, nasty pointy thing. .
Plowshare Swords - None - Odin 
Made from old iron plowshares; even nastier than normal iron against the Fair Folk.
Reaper Daiklave - Any - CrownedSun 
Fancy, elegant blades that can ignore botches; enemies find themselves unable to break them.
Saber of the Light's Edge - Malikai
Speed, Grace and Death
Searing Venom Gage - Any - Moxiane 
Can fire a bolt of paralytic poison at enemies, causing damage and reducing their dexterity.
Sharp Whisper - Blue Jade - Mailanka 
Daiklave that lets the user taunt the opponent, decreasing their dice pools.
Skullgrin - Soulsteel - Darzoni 
Daiklave that enhances the anima powers of the Dusk caste.
Straight Daiklaive - Any - Trithemius 
A less common daiklaive pattern popular with Sidereals and armed martial-artists.
The Weight of Knowledge - None - Capric 
A huge-ass book that you can beat people with.
Throwing Gauntlet - Any - Moxiane 
Can fire bolts of pure essence.
Throwing Stars - Any - Will 
Unfinished artifact throwing stars.
Tow Chain Harpoons - Jade - YuuChanChan 
Warstrider harpoons that can even be used to scale cliffs.
Velvet Gloves of the Iron Caress - None - Haren 
Lethal gloves that penalise enemies trying to parry or dodge their attacks.
Virtuous Ghost-Hunter's Staff - Jade - Ikselam 
Can attack immaterial spirits, and also make a powerful ward against them when necessary.
White Dragon's Splendour - White Jade - Mailanka 
Reaver daiklave that allows more efficient use of hearthstones to regenerate essence.
Winged Knives - Any - Odin 
Knives that grow wings when thrown, removing cover penalties and lowering dodge chances.
The Wood Dragon's Tongue - Green Jade - TheHoverpope 
A trident designed to be a potent defensive weapon, with style.
Maw of the Dragons - Jade - Trithne 
Black and White Jade Daiklave with an ability to split open and function as a mancatcher