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The Five Magical Materials

These pages contain thoughts about the 5MM and their properties, and new variations of those. These are typically more powerful than the lesser MagicalMaterials, which are often used in mortal artifice and lesser enchantments.








Considering this isn't really sticking to the Five... should I move this to MagicalMaterials, move these five up into a big section saying FMM, and then do other lists for the other, almost but not quite as magical materials? Like FeatherSteel, ChiaroscuroGlass, Admant, etc?
-- Darloth

I don't think that it's necessary to proliferate new pages in that manner. Just redirect MagicalMaterials to here. I also don't have any idea what you mean by "not really sticking." - willows

All the things posted here are either variations on the 5MM or notes about them. Nothing isnt unsticky. - Telgar

Yes, they are -now-, but I agree with Clebo in that I think there should be some repositry for the other magical materials. I'll just link here from there, and vice versa.
-- Darloth