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Level 0 Utility Artifacts

Adhesive Pads - None - Telgar 
Sticky pads useful for sticking things together.
Anima Jewellery - None - Telgar 
Jewels that can change the effects of one's anima.
Beauty Sprays - None - Telgar 
Sprays that can provide make up, hair styles, and other cosmetic effects.
Crystal Kiosks - None - Telgar 
Kiosks that can summon up a hologramatic map of a city or building.
Elemental Balance Units - None - Telgar 
Units that can provide perfect environments inside a building, even creating limited clouds and rain inside a house.
Essence Furniture - None - Telgar 
Furniture that can attune itself to you, allowing it to mould to you for maximum comfort.
Eternal Stylus - None - Telgar 
Pens that can absorb enough ink to write for an entire year.
First-Age Inks - None - Telgar 
Special inks that can be invisible during certain times of the day, or mentally controlled.
Five Star Compass - Jade - Telgar 
Compass that points to all 5 poles at once, allowing user to triangulate his exact poisition in the world.
Goblet of Perfection - None - Telgar 
Any drink poured in the goblet will taste utterly perfect.
Lightstone - None - Telgar 
Stone that can light up a room.
Lunar Jewellery - Moonsilver - Telgar 
Jewellery that can change from different types, such as rings to bracelets and necklaces etc.
Mood Silk - None - Telgar 
Silk that changes colour due to mood, and can also change transparency as the wearer wishes.
Notifier - None - Telgar 
Ring that can send a short message to the wearer of another ring.
Personnel Compass - White Jade - Telgar 
Compass that can be used to locate other people.
Powerstone - None - Telgar 
Stones that can store minute amounts of essence, so mortals can use limited artifacts.
Sun Spots - None - Telgar 
Orbs that provide light and heat by vocal command, and can even float around the room.
Talismans - None - ScornMeticulous 
Minor trinkets.
Thermal Wear - None - Telgar 
Clothing that keeps the user comfortable in extremes of temperature