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Level N/A

Brogdinian Headress of Crafter's Excellence - None - Grypph 
Set of metal pieces that, together, provide huge crafting bonuses.
Collar of Ancient Beast's Might - Moonsilver - Haren 
A Primordial trap for lunars.
Distaff of Uncharted Fates - Starmetal - Haren 
A Primordial trap for sidereals.
Dream Orb - Soulsteel - Telgar 
Lets the user talk to the malfeans.
Chakra Slave Seed - None - Heru 
This is a First Age device that has the power to take over people, body and mind.
Floating Citadel of Meru - None - Heru 
This is a gigantic First Age artifact-mountain manse designed to serve as a mobile home for a Lawgiver.
Eye of Autochthon, Revised - None - BrilliantRain 
A revision of the original.
Five Legenary Elemental Items 
Items forged for the five Elemental Poles.
Helm of Adept's Farseeing Intuition - Orichalcum - Haren 
A Primordial trap for solars.
Key of Twilight - None - Darzoni 
Set of nine chimes that have the power to destroy the world.
Living Record - None - Enchantress 
More of a plot device but a relic of the Primordial Autochthon that could contain the secrets of Exaltation.
The Prometheus Chains - None 
Massively powerful chains of fate.
The Strategenesis - All - Wordman 
A plot device involving a large number of people in the greatest game.
Soul of Creation - Several - Dance 
Apocalyptic death-organ.
Well of Souls - Soulsteel - Moxiane 
Mirror that is a link from creation to the underworld; allows communication with the dead, and even reincarnation.
Worldstone - None - Telgar 
Stone that, with enough sacrifices, can create an entire world in elsewhere