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I am a long time roleplayer and lover of fantasy/science fiction. I have been interested in Exalted for years, since it first was published in fact. My favorite group is the Solars, followed by the Sidereals and then the Terrestrial Exalted. I also love magitech and anything that has to do with the First Age. I have been a vistor of this site for years now, but this is the first time I created a username and began posting.

Just so everybody knows, I don't know wiki so this might not look the best.

My Ideas

Length of the First Age

I have an alternate view of how long the First Age lasted. My idea is located in Heru/LengthOfFirstAge.

Inner Circle

I created a special group known as the Inner Circle. It is described in detail in Heru/InnerCircle.

Inner Circle Characters

The five Solar Exalted that exist within the Inner Circle. This is the backstory of the current incarnations. It is located in detail in Heru/InnerCircleCharacters.

The Inner Circle Campaign Story

I have written a thirteen page journal-like story that tells about the exploits of the Inner Circle. It is described in Heru/InnerCircleStory.

I have also written a short description of how the various political factions of Lookshy relate to the Inner Circle. That is located in Heru/ICLookshyFactions.

Note. I am not a writer, what I am is a person with a lot of ideas and a big imagination. Thus, it might suck from a story perspective but I hope it gets my ideas across.

The Great City of Lookshemeru

The changes that have occurred in my game brought about the city of Lookshemeru. It is described in Heru/Lookshemeru

Government of the Solar Dominion

Below is a description of the government of the Solar Dominion in my game. It is described in Heru/GovernmentSolarDominion

Lawgiver and his Project: A History

This is where I detail the history of a certain Lawgiver from the First Age. Heru/LawgiverAndProjectHistory

Floating Citadel of Meru

This is where I detail the description of a special N/A artifact known as the Floating Citadel of Meru. Heru/FloatingCitadel.

New Craft Skills

I am very big on the wonders that is the First Age. Because of that I am not satisified with forcing everything to remain static. Thus, I have made a number of new Craft Abilities taht are useful in advanced magitech cultures.

This is going to be described in Heru/NewCrafts.

The Four Ranks of Artifice

I have long felt that the system of Artifacts is very narrow and not really up to describing the levels of artifice that the Exalted are capable of performing.

This is going to be described in Heru/FourRanksOfArtifice.

A New Race

This page describes a new race that I created for the game. They are the Dragonoth, a Solar and Lunar created Relic of the Past race. They have the special quality of being able to shapeshift into a single alternate form, that of huge winged dragon. This is located in Heru/DragonothRelicRace.

Some New Gods

I have created various gods for my game. They will be posted in Heru/SomeNewGods.

New Artifacts

I have created a number of artifacts for my game. They will be posted in Heru/Artifacts. I created a special page describing my N/A artifact - Heru/ChakraSlaveSeed

New Thaumaturgy Ritauls

This page will cover all the new rituals of Thaumaturgy that I created. It can be found here Heru/Thaumaturgy

New Charms

While not currently that much, I have created a number of Charms. They are described in the pages below:

New Spells

This is where I list the new spells that I create.

Background Modification

Because of the expansion of the size of my Creation I needed to expand the Cult Background. This and the Cult that references it are described in Heru/ModifiedCultBackground.

Ability Changes

I am thinking about implementing a certain change to how both the Craft and Lore Abilities work. They can be found here: Heru/ModifiedAbility

Modern Day Exalted

I was bored today so I decided to come up with a variant (very changed) setting with the concept of playing the Exalted in the modern day. Currently all I have is fluff and not rules as that is what I do best. It is located in Heru/ModernDayExalted.

Far Exalted Cosmology

This is an alternate setting in which the question of whether Creation is the only bubble of existence is answered. It is located in Heru/FarExaltedCosmology

Heru Commentary

Posted here as well, in case you don't see the discussion page. :)

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