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Variable Level Defensive Artifacts

Acharon, The August Ensemble of God-Slaying Design - Orichalcum - Seiraryu 
A set of Artifacts that when they come together they become an incredible full-fledged battle gear.
Beast Armors - Varies - Telgar 
First Age armor based on various animals, still produced in the Second Age and widely spread as artifacts.
Necrocastellan Armor - Soulsteel - SteelAngel 
Battle armour for the Underworld.
Nightshadows - Orichalcum or Moonsilver - Miedvied 
Protean Lunar versions of warstriders


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Good job, this makes it easier to find exactly what a situation calls for.

Be nice if there were more Solar armor choices at Artifact 3 or lower. So much jade everywhere, just not right *tsks*. Well I'll see if I can do something about that. :) - KittenyKat