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Level 2 Utility Artifacts

Assassin's Veil - None - Odin 
Mutes sounds and adds bonuses to stealth rolls.
Band of Prowess - None - Telgar 
Band that can be used with a hearthstone and can raise a physical attribute by the hearthstone's level.
Blast Staff - Jade - Telgar 
Staves that can be used to make blasts of elemental energy and also as foci for elemental charms.
Blindcloths - Any - Seraph 
Cloths that allow blind people to see through them; their power and effects vary by the material used.
Caskets of Firedust Conversion ~ None ~ Shataina 
Powered by trapped demons or elementals, these caskets enchant firedust so that it's no longer aspected towards Fire, but a different Element instead, changing the effect of the enchanted dust when it explodes from a firewand.
Champion's Belt - Orichalcum - Ikselam 
Belt that increases wearer's strength and stamina by 1 each and increases natural soak by 2L/2B.
Champion's Wreath - Orichalcum - Ikselam 
Circlet that provides an automatic success on Valor rolls and +3 dice bonus in Performance and Presence rolls.
Charm-Stabilizing Web - All - Haren 
Web of magical materials and gems that gives the power to make a scene-long charm last all day; cannot be shut off by choice.
Communication Orbs - None - Telgar 
Orb that can send a visual and auditory message to any other orb within 500 miles.
Compass of the Maidens - Starmetal - Odin 
Compass that will point towards anyone as long as you have something of theirs as a focus.
Dead Man's Gambit - Soulsteel - Ashande 
Deck of soulsteel cards that has various powers; each can be thrown as weapons.
Door Key - Orichalcum and Starmetal - Panache 
A key that allows you to return home post-haste.
The Essence-Leeching Collar - FrivYeti 
When you really need to keep an Exalt locked up..
Flow Map - None - Telgar 
Map that can detect and show the user where any essence is being burned in the area.
Froststrider Boots - None - EndlessChase 
Boots that freeze water or earth beneath them.
Geomantic Greaves - Variable - Ambisinister 
Useful legwear that draws on the power of inset hearthstones to enhance movement.
Ghost Repelling Chime - Any - Falcon 
A chime that drives out the unquiet dead. Ding!.
Goggles of Mile Sight - White Jade - FluffySquirrel 
Goggles that allow the user to see up to a mile away.
Hailstorm Sheath - Black & Blue Jade - Moxiane 
Adds the power of ice to the javelins held in it.
Head of Distant Mimicry - Any - Ikselam 
Bust of a person that, when activated, allows the user to talk to that person wherever they are.
Horn of Silent Mist - Blue Jade - Malikai 
Blue jade horn that can generate fog.
Jade Eyes - Any Jade - EndlessChase 
Replacement jade eye that grants bonuses depending on that type of jade is used.
Jade Manacles - White Jade - Odin 
Manacles that can be 'grounded', making the prisoner's essence literally drain out into the earth.
Lesser forge-hand gauntlets - Any - StalkerofShadows 
Gauntlets that can work the 5MM (Ala Craftsmen Need no Tools) as well as being useful weapons.
Living Rope - None - Ikselam 
A rope that can animate and do whatever the wielder wishes, including be used as a weapon.
Maiden's Fanciful Sitar - Jade - TheMyriadOfShades 
Sitar that celebrates love, making love songs easier to perform on it.
Map of Avian Reconaissance - None - Ikselam 
Map that, when folded into a paper bird, takes off and will map the surrounding area.
Mask of the Masquerade - Soulsteel - BrilliantRain 
Mask that grants the wearer greater presence.
The Onyx Bands - FrivYeti 
Soul-limiting armbands and eyepatch.
Quill of Bone Dust - Soulsteel - Haren 
Quill that grants its owner the ability to write any language remembered in the underworld.
Recording Rod - Moonsilver - Telgar 
Rod that can make an image of everything within 50 yards that can then be zoomed in and out of later.
Ring of Form Sliding - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Reduces the cost of a Lunar shifting into other animal forms.
Ronin's Sake Jug - None - DarkPhoenix 
An ornate jug, useful to more than just the alcoholic.
Sorcerer's Visor - None - BrilliantRain 
Looking at what isn't there.
Spectacles of Venus - N/A - Moxiane 
A pair of glasses that make any woman wearing them highly desireable.
Spell Stone - Any - Eldmar 
Allows a sorcerer to temporarily store an Emerald Circle spell.
Steel Dragon Sash - Orichalcum - Ikselam 
Sash that, when activated for a scene, makes attacks have a harder time hitting.
Tears of Ahriman - None - Haren 
Potion that can grant mortals an essence of 2 and some limited traits of Exalts.
Thousand Feather Boots - None - BrilliantRain 
Shoes that go 'swoosh'.
Titan's Girdle - None - TheMyriadOfShades 
Belt that adds directly to Strength, and allows great feats of strength using the Athletics skill.
Truthseeker - None - Odin 
Piece of black fur that elicits the truth from people by causing pain when they lie.
Veil of Prudent Silence - Starmetal - Dissolvegirl 
Statements only your intended audience can understand.
The Wave's Discourse - None - OhJames 
Oath that gives it's beneficiary the power of the Sea.