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Variable Level

The Arsenal of Polemology - Starmetal - David  
A set of weapons forged by Mars.
Acharon, The August Ensemble of God-Slaying Design - Orichalcum - Seiraryu 
A set of Artifacts that when they come together they become an incredible full-fledged battle gear. Level N/A.
Beamklaives - all - Arafelis 
A revision to standard beamklaives.
Bladeless Daiklave - Orichalcum or Moonsilver - Miedvied 
Hilt that can produce a blade of light; gains power as the wielder's essence increases.
Blades of the Clever Master - Moonsilver - Azza 
Artifact weapons that disguise themselves as mundane ones.
Frostmourne - Soulsteel - Ashande 
Daiklave whose true power can only be unlocked by one Exalt.
Morgul Blades - Soulsteel - DariusSolluman 
Death comes later.
Paper Blades - Paper - Falcon 
Magic paper, take one!.
Tellin's Fishing Rod - Moonsilver - MelWong 
Fishing rod that grants bonuses to survival rolls for fishing, and can also be used as a weapon to entangle foes; creator is unsure what level it should be.
Ultima Weapon - Orichalcum - DarkPhoenix 
One of the greatest weapons ever to see battle, forged by the Great Maker himself to harness the true power of Exaltation.
Uruok R'yha, The Falling Rain - Dragon King Crystal - Paincake 
A dragon-king ranged weapon so beautiful it has no words in any human language, warped by a deranged Twilight with it's Dragon King maker's heart.