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Miscellanious Artifacts

This page contains a by-level listing of Artifacts that are not weapons, defenses or general use. This is the really weird shit. If you create a new artifact, it is your responsibility to list it here.

All the items will follow this format:

Item name (links to the page with the item on) - Magic Material (ie, Jade, Orichalcum, Any, None) - Author
Description of the artifact

The Long Coat - Any - CrownedSun
Low-profile buff jacket that can be worn more inconspiciously, and hides weapons

Variable Level

Artifact Songs - None - Telgar
Songs with mystical power all their own

The Baubles of Tissendra - Varies - Telgar
Magical jewelery meant to aid a sorceress and socialite Eclipse from the First Age.

Bastions - None - Telgar
Artifact-Manse hybrid for creating lairs and ancient fortresses with vast powers in and of themselves. Similar in some ways to Shataina's Manse Creation Rules. (Structured as a separate background)

The Five Legions of Jade - Jade - Telgar
Armor and weapons of the First Realm Mortal Special Forces.

Lunar Tattoos - Moonsilver - Miedvied
Lots of Lunar tattoos that provide special effects

Katamari - Jade - Gayo
Jade balls that attract foreign bodies when rolled around.

The Lament Configuration
Evil box of Boxness. Gamlain

The Sailing Stone - Pumice - IFoundSquirrels
Material to make floating islands