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Wyld Artifacts

The artifacts of the Fair Folk are not like those of creation. Creatures of dream, oaths taken form, and powerful spells take on physical form and are wielded to great effect.

Glamour Sorcery (Cup Artifacts)

The fae practise subtle magic’s of deception and illusion known as glamour sorcery. Though capable of achieving similar effects as the sorcery of the creation-born exalted its nature is very different. The sorceries of the fae do not draw upon the essence of creation rather they are patterns crafted from the gossamer the raw stuff of dreams. This makes them living creatures somewhat like lesser reflections of the Raksha themselves. As such the sorcerers of the fae must tend their magic’s as one would favoured pets lest these works of power become discontent and turn on their would be masters.

Waking Circle Spells

Dreaming Circle Spells

Desire Circle Spells

Samadhi Circle Spells

Shinma Circle Spells

Groups of Spells

Wyld Artifacts (Ring Artifacts)

Some artifacts are created with gossamer as their main component. Ring-shaping weapons, they are the closest that the artifacts of the Fair Folk are capable of coming to the standarized artifacts of Creation.

Adjurations (a.k.a. Oaths), (Staff Artifacts)

Definition has power, despite its constricting nature. As a result there are Raksha who bind themselves to oaths so that by giving themselves a little more structure, they give themselves more power.

That only describes oaths of the Ring and Staff. The definition I usually give, when explaining adjurations to players, is that an adjuration is an oath so powerful that it has a rudimentary consciousness of its own. The goal of that consciousness is to convince other beings to swear the oath, so it bribes them with kewl powerz.--MF

Behemoths (Sword Artifacts)

Creatures shaped from the raw stuff of the wyld to serve the Raksha as mount, hounds, beasts of burden and when occasion demands war engines.

Fey Beasts (Artifact 0 or 00)

  • Bubo - A ghostly owl.
  • Dagger Dragon - A creature that is worn about the wrist, whose heads become knives.
  • Gryphon - Winged beasts commonly used as war mounts by the Cataphracts.
  • Hounds - These feral beasts are the stalking horses of the fae tracking, pursuing and harrying the nobles mortal prey.
  • Cauldron Toad - A hopping pharmacy from beyond the bordermarches.

Daikaiju (Artifact 000)

  • Bjorn - Protective toy bear.
  • Rana - A giant friendly frog.

Deep Wyld Horrors (Artifact 0000 or 00000)

Groups of Artifacts

Sometimes, different groups of wyld artifacts are simply designed to mesh perfectly.


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