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Level 3

Adamantine Heart Guard - Red Jade - Eldmar  
A short Daiklave designed for defense, used as a pair with her sister blade which is the offensive blade.
Adornment of the Living Artifact - Any - Ambisinister
Turn your very body into a device of divine wonder!
Balefire Cloak - None - Davidl 
Heavy fur cloak that can turn the wearer into living flame.
Bracers Of The Dauntless Champion - Orichalcum 
Bracers that increase all forms of defense.
EssenceShieldBelt - None - Malikai 
Buy soak with essence
First Age Deliberative Guard Dress - Any Jade - CrownedSun 
Boosts the user's Appearance, Presence, and Willpower; also lessens the costs of co-operative charms.
Jade Mail of the Imperial Cavalry - Any Jade - CrownedSun 
Cavalry armour that boosts the rider's bond with his mount, as well as increasing his mount's endurance.
Legion's Officers Honourable Armour - Any - CrownedSun 
Makes the leader stand out in battle, making him both an easy target and more inspiring to his troops.
Martyr's Mantle - none - Ambisinister 
Eases the burdens of others with your own suffering.
Mechanically Augmented Omnimodal Fiberweave Hazard Suit - Any - GregLink  
Clothing that shifts appearance, provides armor-like protection, and resists environmental hazards
Mirrored Majesty - Starmetal - Teflonshugenja 
A weapon that resonates with a character's best nature.
Oakstriders - None - FrivYeti 
A vegetative-artifact based warstrider.
Osseus Shroud - Soulsteel - Telgar 
Soulsteel artifact that causes the wearer's bones to liquify and then become an armoured exoskeleton.
Raiment of Devotees' Benefit - None - ArabianNinja 
Fan-Service Non-Armour Armour, perfect for cat-fights.
Fusillade Armor - Power Armor - Ambisinister 
Facilitating the use of Implosion Bows since the First Age.
BogModArmor/ShieldsOfAura - Any - BogMod 
A pair of floating protective shields.
Sun's Shining Sigil - Orichalcum - TheMyriadOfShades 
Armour for familiars that boosts their abilities and can protect them from instant death.
Temple's Creed - Ash Damascus Bracers - Ambisinister : A set of defensive bracers built by a Yozi for her favored servant.