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Otherwise known as Ben Evans, created EdgeOfCreation (, where you can find a good many Exalted resources. Not as many as you'll find here, I grant you, but many of them are very good. In real life, he's an out of work actor (no, really) living in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm an okay writer, but really I love to edit, so Wiki is a dream come true. But don't worry - I'll always post notes on any edits I make, or ask before messing with your stuff. If you have anything you want edited, I'd love to give it a look over for you.

Last EdgeOfCreation update: 13/11/2003 - new version of Forum FAQ, various minor edits.

Exalted Content by Guybrush

I've started this section to contain examples of Artifact creation, mostly using the ArtifactCreationErrata. Just two so far, both thrown weapons; I'll hopefully add some more very soon.

ExaltedWiki Links

The "contents page" of the ExaltedWiki. If you're newish to the site, check it out.


One of the most impressive collections of fan material here on the Wiki, this details the Yozis and their progeny. Established by FourWillowsWeeping.
very worthy project. I'm slowly adding stuff when I have bored moments.

UserPages of Note

This guy is good. Really good. Best picks: Creatures/ATaxonomyOfMadness and his work on Infernals.
Perhaps the most talented Exalted fan author. All his stuff is good, so far at least. His Infernal project is epic in scope.
Purveyor of super-uber-high-powered campaigns, and sometime Circlemate.
Another obscenely talented and prolific fan writer. Go forth and sample.
Previously my ST, he has written some awesome things including the incredibly useful (if misspelt) list of Combat/UnavoidableAttacks.


Welcome Guybrush! Feel free to use this as a testing ground for stuff that's not quite complete; we can pick it apart, so that it's utterly perfect by the time you put it up on your own site.  :) - Quendalon

Thanks for the welcome! Sounds like a good idea...maybe I'll put some of the stuff here that I've been trying to get comments on. Got a Hearthstone and a spell which I'll put here soon. But the urge to add stuff here is just too strong; I'll be fleshing out more of that BookIndex for starters... - Guybrush

I notice that you used a backslash \ before ArtifactCreationExample. Subpages are defined using plain slashes /. A double backslash at the end of a line forces a line break. And thank you for the compliment.\\ _Ikselam

No problem; thanks for pointing out my error there, too. I'm trying to find a way to rename an existing page so I don't have to recreate the Example above... I could possibly leave it where it is, but if I do I'll put some more examples as subpages under it. - Guybrush

Go to the new page, put the text you want in it. Copypaste it or whatever. Then go to the old page, and remove all the text. Put in "#REDIRECT NewPageNameHere" in as the text (without quotation marks). - FourWillowsWeeping

Thanks FourWillowsWeeping - I'm moving ArtifactCreationExample to ArtifactCreationExamples, so others can add their own and it stands alone better than it did. - Guybrush

Dude, thanks for the compliment! - FWW

No problems FWW; credit where it's due, I enjoyed your stuff. The Taxonomy Of Madness is my favourite, though admittedly yours isn't the only good stuff on there. I'm trying to cook up some ideas for First Circle demons, since they seem to be in short supply... - Guybrush