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Level 3

Ambient Essence Alarm - Jade - TheMyriadOfShades 
Sets up a barrier that alarms when an essence user passes it.
Arm of Twilight - Orichalcum - BurgerSlave 
A one-of-a-kind artifact, this mechanical orichalcum arm holds many wonders for the skilled blacksmith who wears it.
Badge of Living Virtue - Jade - Haren 
Badge that can grant a ghost the power to stay in creation as long as it chooses.
Black Iron Coffin - Soulsteel - Haren 
Summonable / banishable coffin that Abyssals can use to rest in and respire.
Blindcloths - Any - Seraph 
Cloths that allow blind people to see through them; power and effects vary by material.
Blood Rose Ring - Any - Haren 
Ring that produces a strange poison, making its wielder appear more charismatic as well as other effects.
Boots of the Blissful Wanderer - Starmetal - TheMyriadOfShades 
Boots that assure that the wearer will not be bothered while on a journey.
Bracer of the Loyal Blood - Jade - Seraph 
Bracer that grants social bonuses to Dragon-Bloods, and helps win the loyalty and respect of other Dragon-Blooded.
Celestial Eyes - Orichalcum or Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Replacement eyes made of Orichalcum or Moonsilver; grant various forms of supernatural sight.
Celestial Hairsticks - Any - Caelene 
Celestial versions of the jade hairsticks found in the Exalted comics.
Cloak of Radiant Majesty - Any - TheMyriadOfShades 
Cloak that defies the owner's identity in terms of negative repercussions, and has extra bonuses related to the magic material.
Cloud Fence - None - Ikselam 
Fence that prevents clouds from entering an area, protecting it from storms and even typhoons.
The Colossus Of Sarna - Various - FrivYeti 
An automaton built to defend a small town and its myriad of equipment.
Craftman's Talent Bracers - Orichalcum - Seiraryu 
Bracers that grant four dice in any Craft skill.
Crystalline Binding Matrix - crystal - Miedvied 
Spirit-capturing defensive crystals.
Desert Rat's Wisdom - None - Capric 
Improves land vision, and easy to use.
Ease of the Consummate Craftsman 
Bracers that reduce crafting times.
Eyes of Foretelling Storm - None - Capric 
Lets you read the weather like a champ.
Five-Dragon Barding - Jade - Telgar 
Barding that protects the rider's horse from normal damage and elemental damage.
Gauntlets of Uncompromising Power - Orichalcum - Gtroc 
Divine gloves.
Gem of the Fair Heart ~ None ~ Shataina 
Forged from the heart of a Fair noble, this gem links the attuned more strongly to her emotions and causes her to find more value in what's important to her. (Converts Virtue channels into successes; refills Willpower).
Geomantic Regalia -Variable - Ambisinister 
Inspirational jewelry that provides additional bonuses based on inset hearthstones.
Harmonic Disruptor - Starmetal - Ambisinister 
Device which temporarily disrupts a foe's attunement to his artitfacts.
Samiel/Harmonious Staff of the Tellurian - any - Samiel
Spell storing staffs
Healing Sun Palm - Orichalcum - Telgar 
Disk that can be used to heal people with the expenditure of essence.
Hearthstone Supercharger - None - BrilliantRain 
For getting more out of your hearthstone.
Hundred Ravens Wings - Moonsilver - Dorchadas 
Allows wearer to transform into a flock of ravens, or boosts a Lunar's Thousand Forms as One power.
Hush Stone - Soulsteel - EndlessChase 
Small stone that grants powers of quiet to its wearer, who can swallow it and become totally silent.
Jiula's Voice - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
A violin that resonates with its players' emotions.
Labyrinth Focus - Soulsteel - Dorchadas 
Version of an elemental lens that boosts Abyssal charms.
Magical Materials Detector - None - StalkerofShadows 
Device capable of detecting range, amount and type of magical material deposit, as well as crafted items.
Magnificent Harness of the Undying Mount and the Imperishable Horseshoes - any - HandofOmega 
a pair of Level 3 horse-related artifacts.
Malleable Steel - Orichalcum - Doorman 
Coin that can hold an entire armory's worth of weapons elsewhere.
The Mask of Blue Death - Soulsteel - BrilliantRain 
Wearer of the mask can breathe out deadly poison onto his weapons.
Mask of Celestial Filtration - Any - BurgerSlave 
This fashionable accessory hides a useful function for the Celestial Exalted.
Mountain Prison Shackles - White Jade - Telgar 
Shackles that stop the prisoner from using essence by doing unsoakable damage to them.
Necklace of Dreams - White Jade - Telgar 
Neck ring that makes the prisoner inside it fall asleep.
Ninefold Brotherhood Sari - Jade - Translucidity 
Device that focuses an anima banner, making phantom images that enable easier dodging and attacks.
Oathsong Harp - None - TheHoverpope 
A harp that binds demons with its tunes.
Orb of Obtenebration - Soulsteel - Seiraryu 
Orb that absorbs light, blinding and weakening people and weakening the armour of enemies.
Shard of the Shattered Will - None (Glass) - IFoundSquirrels 
Glass "chalk" with which an experienced sorcerer may draw her ritual circles, making demons much easier to bind.
Spellspire Scepter - All - Darloth 
Scepter of sorcerous power, allows casting of one spell with bonuses, Terrestrial Circle.
The Skull of Twelve Blasphemies - None - Ashande 
Sidereal skull corrupted by the Deathlords into speaking prophecy; devours the essence of the wielder for power.
Sun Gazer's Visors - None - Capric 
Lets you see and understand the sun.
Tools of the Blessed Release - Orichalcum and Soulsteel - Panache 
Tools with the power to unmake Soulsteel.