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Just to make things clear, I don't really consider any of these pages to be "mine." Feel free to change any of these pages however you like.

Thoughts, Discussions, Opinions

  • ResurrectionIsPossible -- Yes, I know The Book of Three Circles says that it isn't. Well, the book is wrong, and let me show you why.
  • WireOfInfinitePrecision -- Two Artifacts that demonstrate a ludicrously huge loophole in the artifact creation errata, and make Soul Mirror look like a toothpick.
  • SpiritBindingPattern -- How to solve (almost) any problem in the game, or, "Why Heaven Will Save the Day."
  • MeritAndFlawAbuse -- It's admittedly easy to abuse the Merits & Flaws system. Here are some things to watch out for. (Also, lists some merits & flaws that are unplayable.)
  • MortalLimits -- How powerful can you be without being an Exalt or god-blood? Pretty damn powerful, actually.


  • PowerCombatArtifactCreation -- A formula I discovered for generating custom artifact weapons in Power Combat. (Version Beta is quite nice; a great improvement over Alpha.)
  • PowerCombatWeaponCreation -- I discovered a formula for all of the stats of mundane bladed weapons in Power Combat. I am quite pleased with this. (I have also found a formula for all of the mundane impact weapons in Power Combat.)

Proposed Rules Alterations

Power Combat stats for printed creatures

  • Ahlat, the Southern God of War and Cattle
  • Gervesin, The Grieving Lord, Demon of the Second Circle
  • Jokun, earth elemental footsoldiers
  • Lion Dog, Lesser Guardian spirit
  • Octavian, the Living Tower, Demon of the Second Circle
  • Siakal, Western God of Battle, Slaughter and Shares
  • Sunipa, the Goddess of Eastern War
  • Swan Dragon, Lesser Elemental Dragon of Fire
  • Thunderbird, air elemental warriors
  • Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenal, Demon of the First Circle
  • War Aurochs of Ahlat, Lesser Spirits of Humanity, soldiers of Ahlat
  • Zsofika, The Kite Flue, Demon of the Second Circle

Power Combat stats for printed weapons


  • PillarOfFire - This is my attempt to make rules for a spell that appears in the Memories of the First Age section of Castebook: Twilight. The mechanics are modeled upon the Tornado Cannon that was cut from the Lookshy chapter of Outcaste.
  • ThaumaturgicSorcery - It seems to me that there should be a way to reproduce certain thaumaturgic effects with sorcery. Here are some ideas. (Not very happy with this.)

Other Stuff