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Level 4 Defensive Artifacts

Ablative Armour - Any - Darloth 
Armour that decreases damage done to it's wearer by sacrificing soak.
Armour of the Ebon Jade - Jade - Savare 
The Armour was created by a Sorcer-King for a Martial Artist from the very shadow of th Ebon Dragon.
Bloody Visage Armour - Soulsteel - Telgar 
Spiked armour that provides bonuses to intimidation, and also boosts an Abyssal's ability to feed on people for essence.
Earthshaking Carapace of the Ram - Jade - TheMyriadOfShades 
Provides massive soak and protection, but requires maintenance.
Essence Sheathing Bands - Jade - Moxiane 
Creates a shield of essence, providing hardness for the first few turns of a battle.
Flayed Skin of the Dragon - Emmjay XII 
Bioengineered power armor that keeps the wearer alive even when all is lost.
Flowing Quicksilver Carapace - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Resides inside the body of the wearer, flowing out their mouth, nose, ears etc when needed.
Highsight - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Helmet that protects the mind from the Wyld and various other effects, as well as improving the wearer's senses.
Plate of Noon's Glory - Orichalcum - EndlessChase 
Helps against aggravated damage, and can stage damage down one level (lethal to bashing etc).
Ranger Utility Suit - Any - Telgar 
Suit that renders the wearer invisible to normal sight when at rest, and also aids in survival.
Resplendent Tunic of Immaculate Protection - Orichalcum - Insanewizard 
Armor for martial artists who want more protection from grand daiklaive swinging fools.
Shifting Silks - Any - Doorman 
Grants an extra level of armour that fits over normal armour, can also disguise itself as any other kind of clothing.
Sun, Moon and Stars Shield - Any - Telgar 
Shield that can hover and defend against attacks, and in its most powerful state, can provide 100% cover.
Sol's Shielding Hand - Orichalcum - Trithne 
A fine glove that wouldn't look out of place in any court, but provides excellent magical defense.