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Level 4 Utility Artifacts

Blindcloths - Any - Seraph 
Cloths that allow blind people to see through them; power and effects vary on the material used.
Blood Descendants Diagnostic - Any - BogMod 
A complex used to anticipate the results of a given copulation between two beings.
Broadcast Pads - Any - Telgar 
Manse-based device that allows the user to send a hologram of himself long distances.
Caraptid-class Wingboat - Jade and steel - Moxiane 
Dragonfly-patterned flying vehicle, available in peace and war varieties.
Claw - Moonsilver - [{Seraph]] 
Can turn into weapons, tools, and even long range tentacles that can manipulate items.
Cloak of Concealing Night - None - Haren 
Hides the flows of an Exalt's essence from those who can see such; also doubles the anima theshold.
Crop-Infusing Essence Web - Any - Moxiane 
Aids in the growing of crops and healing the land; cloth made from said crops gains special qualities.
Dryad's Caress - Green Jade - DarkPhoenix 
A simple looking Green Jade bracelet, invaluable to any medic.
Fate Wire - Orichalcum - Eldmar 
This device protects Solars from Sidereal Astrology.
Gauntlets of the Shielded Sun - Orichalcum - EndlessChase 
Gauntlets that provide writing aid; can write utterly inviolate contracts between people.
Greaves of Silent Stars - Orichalcum - EndlessChase 
Make no sound, speed up the wearer, and grant extra balance.
The Lightrider - Moonsilver - Miedvied 
Skateboard / hoverboard that offers many benefits.
Luna's Many Faced Fury - Moonsilver - Fifth 
Can change into any armour, weapon -- anything; can enter a rage and do more damage, at a cost.
Seeds of the Builder - All - Ikselam 
Seed that, when planted, will tunnel underground and eventually sprout back out as a fully formed building.
Spellspire Scepter - All - Darloth 
Scepter of sorcerous power, allows casting of one spell with bonuses, Celestial Circle.
Spirit-Focusing Regalia - Any - TheMyriadOfShades 
Set of regalia that doubles permanent essence for the effect of charms.
Stepping Stones - None - Ikselam 
When a stone is stepped on, the user will be teleported to the next nearest stepping stone.
Visor of Evening Majesty - Orichalcum - EndlessChase 
Visor that has its own essence pool and boosts the sorcerous capabilities of its wearer, particularly Solar Circle.
Whimsical Creation - All - Telgar 
Bracelet that grants an extra pool of 30 essence for use with casting spells.
World-Affirming Melody Box - Jade - TheMyriadOfShades 
Music box that makes spending essence more expensive while it is played; can also temporarily turn back the Wyld