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Level 5

Anvil from the Smokeless Forge - Jade - bobthepariah 
Can work metal and stone alike; greatly improves user's Craft skill.
Black Dog's Relics - Soulsteel - Odin 
Set of items crafted from a dead thief that each have various properties, including sending people to sleep and hiding from other people.
Child's Play - None - Telgar 
First Age toy that can wrap the user in tangible illusion, making them appear to be something else.
Compass of the Heart's True Desire - Starmetal - Ikselam 
Will point to the one thing that will lead to the user's complete happiness.
Copy Wheel Eye - Jade and starmetal - Savare 
Provides the best choice possible.
Essence Disturbing Cube - Orichalcum - CrownedSun 
Can draw in essence from everyone in an area; used by the Wyld Hunt.
Guardian of Brass and Gold - All - Dorchadas 
Sentient automaton created in the First Age; now very intelligent.
Revealer Of Secrets - Many - Han'ya 
Wearer of the helmet: "Dude, I can see your spleen..."
Palm Gem of the Inquisitor - Soulsteel - StalkerofShadows 
Gauntlet that allows complete domination over a victim's mind.
Luna's Five Faces - Moonsilver - FrivYeti 
A shapeshifting artifact that embodies the five original castes of the Lunar Exalted.
Pannikin of Calefaction - None - Telgar 
Small pot that, when liquid is placed inside it, can affect all similar liquid (for example, boil an enemy's blood).
Pyre of Rebirth - Red Jade - Telgar 
Causes pain and suffering, but can heal derangements, Limit points, and restore limbs.
Ring of Master Yun - None - Miedvied 
Grants immunity to aging and powerful bonuses to all dice rolls; ring is fickle and will pass itself on to new wearers.
Scarab of Unparalelled Health - Orichalcum - Ikselam 
Greatly improves user's healing powers; user becomes immune to disease and has some resistance to poison.
Seal of Divinity - All - SolVachel 
A massive sigil of power used to transform a mortal beyond mortality.
Spellspire Scepter - All - Darloth 
Scepter of sorcerous power, allows casting of one spell with bonuses, Solar Circle.
The Omni-Pack - All - KittenyKat 
A unique and powerful backpack concealing a wide array of functions.
Voice of Victory - None - Telgar 
Giant horn that can cause damage to those close by, and also greatly bolster allied troops.
Void Crossing Support Module - All - ArabianNinja 
A case that allows correspondance between worlds for Alchemicals
Womb of Gaia - Jade - SolVachel 
A human sized Jade Lotus bulb with the power to improve a Terrestrial's Breeding or a Dragonblooded's chance of Exaltation.