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So, now and again I see posts on WW's boards and, asking for lists of Artifact names. And it just occured to me, I should archive them, for future ganking.

So, here I'll do so :) Ideally, a snippet of legend can be written for these as well. And all weapons can be legendary- I'm assuming most were sealed aay, or they are not all that much more powerful, but were used by powerful people and famous themselves by association.

Also, cool artifact names sound cool :) DS


The Scythe Whose Crop Is Pain: A soulsteel Daiklaive, dating back to just prior to the Usuperation. Crafted by the great Twilight Artificier, whose name is now lost; he serves the Malfaens now, in rage and hate against the Dragonblooded who killed him. The Scythe was an early work, and so is passed to his favored deathknights; presently, it is in the hands of his Abyssal captain. The weapon itself is unremarkable; it is plain, save for a symbol of the Daybreak Caste on the the hilt for holding a hearthstone.

Melibone: Also known as the Weeping Blade, or the Heartshield. Melibone is a moonsilver Daiklaive, the sword once borne by the Sacred Guardian of the Solar Deliberative, a Lunar who was sworn to allow the Solars to fall only after he himself was no more. When Melibone was drawn, it wept blood in place of the wounds inflicted on its bearer, and the moonsilver has stained itself a dark red. The Lunar's name is forgotten, and the blade was lost during the Usurpation; it resurfaced, years later, in the wilds of the southwest.

Sensestealer: Known also as the Blade of Night, or the Ambusher's Guard. Sensestealer is a relatively new Soulsteel blade, crafted by a Deathlord for a favored Day Caste servant. Sensestealer is much darker than is normal for even soulsteel; it looks like a mobile piece of darkness. On its pomel, an iconic eye is gouged out, and its guard is made of ears with needles through them. Anyone who fights Sensestealer's bearer must do so based purely on intuition; they lose all sense of sight and hearing. This results in them losing three successes from every attack and defense roll made. Additionally, they must make a Stamina + Resistance roll (difficulty 3) after being struck to remain standing, regardless of the damage. DS

The Windy Edge: Known also as the Sword of Stealth, or Final Breeze. The Windy Edge is a jade Daiklaive- at least, to judge by its hilt and grip, and the heft of using it. A vauge fog drifts where a blade should be, but no other definition gives it away. The Windy Edge only connects to life; that is, it will pass unhindered through parry blade, heavy shield or gilt armor to strike the soft flesh beneath. Attacks with the Windy Blade may not be parried, and the Windy Edge is incapable of parrying. DS

Herokiller: Other stories name Herokiller the Sword of Glory. It is an Orichalcum Reaver Daiklaive, unusually massive and thick. It is in most respects a normal weapon; however, the bearer of Herokiller may only be killed in single combat. If the bearer is engaged by one than one opponent in a turn, he will suffer no damage that turn. But Herokiller's cost is extreme for this protection- any wound dealt to the bearer in single combat is Aggravated. DS

Fatecutter: A slender Reaper Daiklaive, craft of starmetal and soulsteal in equal amount, built like elegance itself. Whomever holds Fatecutter is unbound from the Loom; they are a creature from outside of Fate, all ties that had bound them gone. However, Fatecutter is not a purely beneficent tool; each time it is used in combat, someone close to the bearer suffers the wrath of Heaven in his place (manifesting as +1 to the TN of all actions and +1 to all difficulties, until the bearer is killed). Those who use Fatecutter too freely frequently find themselves alone and friendless in a harsh and unforgiving world. DS


The Stonehewing Axe: A massive grand grimcleaver, its reach is over seven feet long and is constructed of imposisbly hard woods and adamant, melded together to bear the weight of the blade. The blade itself is a twin moon affair, the blades reaching over 5 feet from tip to tip high, and flaring over 12 feet across the entire thing. The blade is built of white jade, trimmed in orihalcum and moonsilver. Black jade runes glimmer faintly. A Hearthstone slot rests on each middle of the blade. The Stonehewing Axe would be an intimidating and powerful weapon if that's all it were- but other fell enchantments were woven upon it. The Axe passes through the element of Earth like water, completely without resistance. At the bearer's will, it can either seal the cut behind itself, or leave it open as a perfect gash. Metal is included in the Element of Earth; normal metal armor provides no soak against the Stonehewing Axe, and has it's soak reduced by the base damage of the weapon, while if a mortal weapon is used to parry the strike, it is destroyed. Weapons and armor of the Five Magical Materials cannot be permanently harmed by the Stonehewing Axe, but the protection provided by the armor is much lower than normal.

The Walls of Abalone: The city father of Abalone bears this war axe at official functions and when defending his city. The pragmatic ruler of a pragmatic city, he designed a practical axe-head with few unnecessary protusions and a razor-sharp edge. Etched into both sides of the blade are the laws that bind his society, and the haft (rumoured to have been created from the finest wood by the Wood Dragon himself, however unlikely) is carved with scenes of mortals staving off lethal wyld-monsters through mutual trust and support. The Walls of Abalone is famous not for its appearence, not its construction, but for the paternal zeal of the father-spirit himself when wielding it in defence of his charges. When acting in defence of his city or one of its lawful citizens, Abalone adds his valour to his ping damage. Foes of man do not face Abalone lightly on the field of battle. - Alaron


Nice idea. I might join in at some point. It definitely belongs under Artifacts though, not Locations. - Quendalon

I'm confused. Is this a place to catalog canon artifacts? Or a place to just toss up a list of names for artifacts that haven't been designed yet? - EJGRgunner

Much more the later. It's mostly a place to archive interesting names for artifacts when seen in the future. Story and legend fragments can then be used to put some polish on 'em. Thsoe two just happen to be weapons in mine game. DS

Sensestealer, Fatecutter, Herokiller: the names are very reminiscent of Fred Saberhagen's 12 Swords. (Minor edits made.) - Raindoll

I went on a Book of Swords kick a while back, and made a text file with alternate Swords- stuff that's cooler than simple 'Weapon +12'. So, good catch. :) Any of those are weapons that could be the basis of a campaign- especially Herokiller in the hands of an Abyssal. :) DS