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Crimson Tears of Sorrow


From the darkness a new hope is raising, a new dawn born of death and sorrow: the Abyssal Exalted will stand between Creation and Chaos in an epic confrontation with the forces of the Wyld and they will be the anti-heroes of the next Age, the Age of Twilight, or they will overcome their Great Curse becoming the true heirs of the power of the Unconquered Sun, the first pure Solars who will herald the Age of Dawn.

Personal Data

I'm Samiel, chronicler of this epic story called Crimson Tears of Sorrow: I will tell of the tales of a Circle of Abyssal Exalted chosen by the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible to bring the Word of the Void to Creation and I'll tell of the war against the Fair Folk, champions of Chaos and bringers of endless possibility.

The Chronicle of Crimson Tears of Sorrow

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Samiel/CloudedSecretOfTheFirstAge - Solar Charm


Samiel/GloriousRadianceOfTheUnconqueredSun - Third Circle Sorcery


Samiel/HarmoniousStaffOfTheTellurian - Third Level Artifact


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