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Artifact: 3
5 MM Horse Armor
Commitment: 4

Rarely seen since the First Age, only a few of these Artifacts exist, and those few are largely found in collections in the Realm and Lookshy. Consisting of plate & mail fashioned from one of the 5 Magical Materials, this armor normally consists of leg greaves, shielding for the front and sides of the animal, and a helm for the head (usually capped with an elaborate plume). Although each was said to have been personally crafted with a specific horse in mind, each seems to fit the general equine form perfectly. Each armor is elaborately worked with the symbolism appropriate to each type of Exalted (Exalted, pg. 337), and is often worn with ornate standards bearing the heraldry of whomever is riding the mount.

The Magnificent Harness actually provides *the horse* with the benefits of the Magical Material it is crafted from as if it were an Exalt, so long as the horse's rider commits 4 Motes to it, has the Horse and Man, Ride As One Charm active, or counts the steed as her Familiar. The rider gains no direct benefit from this attunement.

5 MM Horseshoes
Commitment: 8

These horseshoes are artfully composed of one of the 5 Magical Materials, and give the following benefits so long as the above conditions are met (attunement cost is 8 Motes for all four):

Orichalcum: Adds +1 to Speed, Attack and Damage (Kick only).

Moonsilver: Lowers Difficulty of navigating uneven terrain and obstacles by -2.

Starmetal: +2 to all attempts to dodge traps, natural pitfalls, and ranged attack.

Soulsteel: +1 to Kick damage and drains Essence from target equal to the riders' Permanent Essence.

Blue Jade: Allows the horse to run along air and clouds as along a solid surface, so long as it keeps running. Some are also specially enchanted to leave no tracks along the earth, to peal like literal thunder, or to do freezing or lightening damage (+1L to kicks).

White Jade: Enables the mount to vertically run up steep surfaces, natural or manmade, so long as they have some element of the earth in them (a mountainside, metal walls, etc).

Red Jade: Doubles the horse's running speed, leaving a blazing trail of flaming hoofprints behind. +1 to Kick damage due to searing burns.

Black Jade: Allows the horse to gallop along the surface of water as if it were steady land. Also allows Kicking and Trampling attacks to be used on dematerialized Spirits.

Green Jade: Draws Essence from the ground along which the steed trots to boost StaminaHandofOmega/Endurance rolls, often leaving deep, black hoofprints embedded in its tracks.