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Level 1

None at this time.

Level 2

None at this time.

Level 3

Malleable Steel
Artifact Level - 3
Commit - 5 Motes

One of the unspoken tales of the First Age regards a Dawn Caste who was a master of a thousand weapons, but despite his amazing strength, he often wished to take these weapons wherever he went, and was often so encumbered that his opponents needed only to walk in the other direction to escape. Eventually, a Twilight friend grew tired of listening to him complain and made the Malleable Steel. Like many artifacts, the name is slightly misleading. The artifact comes in the form of an orichalcum coin with a hearthstone socket and the Twilight Caste mark on one side and the Dawn Caste mark on the other. The function of the artifact is a simple one. It is a universal scabbard, a tiny portal to Elsewhere. The coin will contain any number of weapons. The weapons must be of either a different material or different type. To place a weapon within the coin costs one mote for a mortal weapon or motes equal to the Artifact level if magical. Any artifact weapons stored within the coin do not have to be committed, but they cannot be drawn and wielded until the Exalt actually attunes to them. Drawing a weapon costs the same as it does to sheathe it, but only one weapon can be drawn per turn. Drawing a weapon is a reflexive action. This coin cannot be used to seperate an Exalt and a weapon bound by charms such as Summoning the Loyal Steel, for they can summon it within the coin without difficulty. The Malleable Steel can contain melee weapons, brawl, clinch, and martial arts weapons, archery weapons, thrown weapons, and ammunition, but CANNOT contain armor, clothing, or shields.

Level 4

Shifting Silks
Artifact Level - 4
Commit - 8 Motes

To the first glance, this appears to be an outfit of simple, dull grey cloth, consisting of loose pants with a drawstring belt, a long-sleeve, casual shirt, gloves, and cloth shoes. The outfit, when first put on, seems to be far too large for anyone. However, examination of the outfit will reveal an inner lining of one of the five magical materials, though which kind does not affect the functions of the Shifting Silks. Once committed, the outfit shifts like water to fit the wearer, still loosely, but well. It gives 3B and 5L soak. Like the Silken Armor, it may overlap armor, has no movement penalties, and is detectable by charms such as All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight. However, unlike the Silken Armor, it has an added function. For a mote of Essence and a moment of concentration, the Shifting Silks will change their form into any clothing the wearer has seen before and will remain so changed until uncommitted. This outfit can change radically, from little more than a series of overlapping scarves to full robes, though they cannot take the form of armor. The "Silks" mentioned in the name is misleading, as the Shifting Silks can mimic leather, wool, and hemp just as easily as they mimic silk. The outfits will always fit as well as the wearer desires. The outfit, if altered to be "weighted for combat" ((and it must be specifically altered by the wearer as such)), recieves magical material bonuses accordingly when used with the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style. It will emulate any jewellry the wearer desires, as well as perfume, and keeps the wearer in a constant state of cleanliness, keeping away dust, dirt, and blood. The wearer recieves a +1 to all appearance rolls while wearing the Shifting Silks because of this ability to keep his or herself presentable. Furthermore, the artifact has the ability to emulate the surroundings of the wearer, making them difficult to detect if they make themselves a hood and mask out of the material, giving them a +2 bonus to all stealth related rolls and makes them invisible when fully at rest. To shift the form of the Shifting Silks in any way, whether color, jewellry, camoflauge, or scent, costs one mote of essence.

Level 5

None at this time.

Level NArtifacts/Doorman/A

None at this time.


Does anyone think I made the Shifting Silks too weak for a level 4 artifact? -- Doorman

I do. It seems like this should be level 3, where as Silken Armor is too weak for level 3 and should be level 2. Really, the minor ability to swap to whatever for you wish isn't all that badass at all. But it seems level 3ish to me. I'd bump the soak or give it some secondary power beyond shifting appearance. - Telgar

Yes. It's way too weak. I gave my character Ishira an artifact almost exactly like that (it's down the page in her "artifacts" expanded background), and that reflects how powerful I think a level 4 that does this should be. (Briefly: 7L/5B; can change into any kind of clothing in a turn for free; does not register as magical to magic-sensing; and keeps the wearer immaculate.)
~ Shataina
PS: the malleable steel -- what counts as "exactly the same" for the purposes of this object? Since everything in the Exalted setting is handmade, nothing is exactly the same. Were you thinking that stuff that fits the same description (e.g. all steel-coloured short swords) count as the same? If so, where's the line -- are all red jade daiklaves the same? Just all red jade daiklaves with no extra powers? Or just all red jade daiklaves with no extra powers made by the same person?

On the Malleable Steel, "exactly the same" means of the same material and function, so two steel stabbing swords wouldn't fit, but a steel stabbing sword and an wooden stabbing sword would. This way one could have varying materials for different artifacts. An orichalcum Grand Daiklave AND an orichalcum Grand Daiklave of Conquest could go into the Malleable Steel at the same time. The Malleable Steel doesn't differentiate between the ones who forged the weapons. The artifact has been edited accordingly. - Doorman

Thanks everyone for the input on the Shifting Silks. I'll be upscaling it when I have another free moment, because I'd like to maintain it as a level 4. - Doorman

Shifting Silks has been modified to the following: 3B, 5L soak, shifts form for one mote, can duplicate scents, jewellry, and materials so long as the wearer knows what they are, gives +1 to Apperance rolls, keeps the wearer clean and orderly at all times, allows the wearer to recieve a +2 to Stealth, and makes them invisible when completely at rest. - Doorman

Revision to the Malleable Steel, removing the previous limitation on holding more than one artifact of the same type. - Doorman