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The Gauntlets of Uncompromising Power

(Artifact 3)

  • Commit 5
  • doubles Strength+Athletics pool for the purposes of lifting, breaking, and carrying
  • for the cost of 5 essence and 1 Willpower essence is added to Strength for the scene
  • 2 hearthstone settings


These gauntlets appear to be made of leather with Orichalcum laced around the fingers and the back of the hand in a spiderweb pattern. there is one hearthstone setting on the center of the back of each glove. when they are activated the gloves shine with divine light and the wearer's muscles seem to grow, with white light pulsing through his veins.


Once per day powers seem rather odd. Not many things in exalted have such a limit. Certainly, if they're costing essence as well, I'd say that's a rather strange and unnecessary restriction. I might increase the cost to include a willpower though, maybe 5m 1w, but something. Otherwise, nice idea. One more query, do you have something against WikiWords ? most people would put this atGtroc/GauntletsOfUncompromisingPower... nothing specifically -wrong- with them here, just not following the usual conventions.
-- Darloth

I went with once per day as a limmit, because I was rather tired, and I could not come up with a better one at the time. I like the willpower idea though, I will make that change, thanks. as to your comment on Wikiwords, I am not sure what you mean. I think I did it right, if you could elaborate as to my fault please do.
-- Gtroc

I'm not sure that artifacts need a limit on uses per day, but if you feel one does, phrasing things as relating to the 'natural' times, like sunrise and sunset often looks better - I mention this mostly for future reference :). It's a useful power, but not massively powerful, so 5m+wp is probably fine too. 10m+wp is too much for what it does. On the WikiWord thing, it's just convention to make the first letter of each word a capital, as if it was a WikiWord. It makes it much easier to read, in the title and the url bar. Consider Serpentsshardsoffire vs SerpentsShardsOfFire for legibility.

As a question, do these just add +1 Strength, or can you also use them to attack as Smashfists? - Kraken who will have to consider making the Serpent's Shards of Fire, just as soon as he knows what they are...

They do not act as a weapon, they are gloves. have you ever read battle chasers? I really liked the gloves that the little girl had, and so I made my own version. the +1 to strength is constant, but it does not add to attacks, though it would help a great deal in combat. honestly, looking at it right now I am not sure I want that +1 to be there, but it is staying for the moment, until I can think of a better power for the gloves, I am thinking ofreplacing it with a lifting bonus or somesuch. Thanks for the help with WikiWords, I appretiate it.
-- Gtroc

I haven't read that, I'm afraid. If they don't add to damage, then yes, modifying the Strength+Athletics pool for lifting and breaking is far better as a power. Most people will assume (because that's how artifacts that add directly to Strength usually work) that if it adds to Strength, it makes you punch harder. - Kraken

I agree, I changed the Stats, butit was more powerful than I anticipated, so I raised the rating. hope you like it, I beleive this is my final version. as for Battle chasers, I would recomend it. it is very exalted-esque, though it will never be finished. the writer just up and quit.
-- Gtroc

To be level 4 those would have to be weapons like Smashfists. Even with the ability to double strength for 5 motes and a WP they fall at level 3 otherwise. And that's if that doubled Strength applies in combat. If it doesn't, this is just a level 2 item. - Telgar

the doubled strength does apply in combat, though that is not the main aspect of the gloves, they would be terrifying even if it did not.
-- Gtroc