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No dates, but it has all the comments from when I began my Wiki.

Howdy! Welcome to the wiki, your stuff looks good. But just to make things easier for everyone involved, if all you're doing is changing something cosmetic-- fixing spelling, changing capitalization, or whatever-- please check the "this change is a minor edit" button at the bottom of the edit screen. Also, if it's a significant edit which doesn't call for checking that little box, putting a quick summary of what you changed in the "Summary" box will cause your cool ideas to get more interest from the people viewing RecentChanges. --dissolvegirl

Ah...that's what that box is for...damn. Sorry. Heh. Thanks for the advice. :) - Seiraryu

Your artifacts should go under an Artifacts subpage. Some freaky-deaky weirdoes decided some specific Artifact was "too cool" for a subpage. But generally, our Artifacts are listed in our Artifact pages that everyone who writes Artifacts has. - Telgar

Hmmm. Really, you need to put ALL your stuff where it should go. MA under the MartialArts, charms under Charms. That sorta thing. - Telgar Martial Arts (Merciful Bear Style) is in the CelestialMartialArts section. My two other Charms are in the SpiritTemperance page, where they should be. I couldn't find a suitable page for my Palm Shriekers, so I put them as specific critters...I don't exactly see how my having things in my User Page that I don't have elsewhere is a problem, though. I moved the Artifacts I have like the rest of you have them, but otherwise, I see no other mistake on my part. Everything is where it should be, as far as I can see. - Seiraryu

Love your Ideas i'll be swiping them regularly for my games.BTW who cares if you've been dominating RecentChanges your content is worth it - Issaru

Awesome! Thanks, Issaru! I'm glad you enjoy them; and feel free to swipe away--just remember to make sure you mention where you got them! I love the attention. I'm such a whore for it. Mwahahaha! Thanks again! - Seiraryu
I never swipe from anyone without giving an Honorable Mention. - Issaru
Then we're cool. Hehe. - Seiraryu

Neat stuff. -BogMod

Neat stuff? NEAT STUFF? Why, thank you. - Seiraryu

love the Shady Eyes character. - Issaru

Heh. Thanks. Ironically, I thought him up before I looked through Scavenger Sons and saw that his concept was there for Great Forks, no less. Hehe. - Seiraryu

Awesome reformat! Thanx for the heads-up on the Brawl rules. Very nice BTW! Really (the Brawl house rules) helps out water exalts. - Issaru
Awesome! Glad you like it; and no problem. I was actually thinking the Brawl rules up for my one Twilight who has high Strength, but low Dexterty, and yet he Brawls. It just seemed like a good idea. A lot of people say that they think I thought about the imrpovised rules too much--but in a system where there's so much crunch-detail, one more itty-bitty system isn't going to make a difference. Besides, the fights in my games are rare, and this'll help make them cooler. Anyway, glad you liked it all! :D! - Seiraryu