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Charm Idea Pile


  • Taketh Away: A Charm that can remove Lunar tattoos as punishment. (Intelligence)
  • Basilisk Stare: A Charm that paralyzes (or even turns to stone) an opponent with a glance. (Charisma or Manipulation)
  • Flashing Dervish: A Charm that adds Dexterity dice fractioned off of the character's actual Dexterity. (Dexterity)
  • Reach the Sky: A Charm that grows wings for the Lunar. (Dexterity)
  • Shapeless Illusions: An illusion-based Charm Tree for Lunars that is unlike Fair Folf Shaping. (Charisma)


  • Moonsilver Fluidity: Independant Action Gift.
  • Growth of Vitality: Additional Health Levels available only when Majestic Totem Aspect is taken (fraction damage).

Martial Arts

  • Tian-shi-shequi and hingu: Styles based on Arts and Sciences: The Gar Quithnick Story. Needs a Terrestrial variant and good fragmentation.
    • Terms: -kun (a student of one of the styles; also could serve as ending for certain beginner charms); shanshao (master; one who has mastered one of the styles; hingu-shanshao, tian-shi-shanshao); Grashanshao (grandmaster; one who has mastered his pinnacle style; hingu-Grashanshao, Tian-shi-Grashanshao); hingu-cor (sparring); hingu-Gracor (a fight to the death); kuo-tak (a specific addition to techniques)