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Dragon-Blooded Melee Charms

Strike Engulfing ParryDragonBloodedMelee/B>
<B>CostDragonBloodedMelee/B>: 1 mote per 2 dice
<B>Duration: Instant
TypeDragonBloodedMelee/B>: Reflexive
<B>Minimum MeleeDragonBloodedMelee/B>: 2
<B>Minimum Essence: 1
PrerequisiteDragonBloodedMelee/B>: Stoking Bonfire Style
With a sudden explosion of defensive power, the Exalt lifts his now flaming weapon to engulf an attack with the pyre of his Essence. For every mote spent, the character gains 2 dice on a parry. This adds to the character's pool, and can also create a pool out of nothing if the character has no actions left. The character may not add more dice than his Melee + (Specialty).
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