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Astrology Cheatsheet

  • Prayer Roll: Charisma + Performance. The difficulty is a base of 5. Options below may reduce this. A prayer roll without a divine petition is made at +2 difficulty (typically 7). Stunt possibility.
    • Petitions: Wits + Linguistics. Difficulty is 2, but becomes 4 if it is made on the same turn as the prayer roll. Stunt possibility.
      • Calligraphy: If the player scores 4+ successes on the roll, reduce the difficulty of the prayer roll by 1. If he scores 6+, reduce it by 3.
      • Cosignatories: Ally rolls Wits + Linguistics (difficulty 1). Each cosignator adds one die to the prayer roll.
      • Countersignatories: Player makes a normal prayer roll to the would-be countersignator. Only one god may countersign a divine petition. Getting it officially signed adds 3 dice to the prayer roll.
    • Extended Prayers: For every three hours spent on the prayer roll, the character adds one die, to a maximum of 3 bonus dice.
  • Effect Roll: Essence + College (the college being the one that governs the effect that is being attempted).
    • Determining Effect: The phase in which successes on the Essence + College roll are spent for Duration, Scope and Power.
    • Formulating the Effect: After Determining Effect, the Sidereal formulates his petition (pg. 208). Keep a written copy close to your character sheet.
    • Activating Effects: Effects on others are considered "contagious." The character must touch the person (or a representative of the people) that are going to be subjected to the effect. Resplendent Destiny effects become available directly after the Effect Roll is made (if successful, of course).
    • Effect Modifiers: Below are actions and rolls that can add bonus dice to an Effect Roll (since Essence + College is generally very low on dice).
      • Artificial Specialties: Usually, Essence and Colleges don't have Specialties, but via the charms World-Shaping Artistic Vision, Systematic Understanding of Everything and Methodology of Secrets, a Sidereal may create Specialties that can add to astrology rolls. They may never be broader than a single College (so no: Astrology +3).
      • Destiny Planning: Intelligence + Craft (Fate), witha difficulty equal to the highest Essence of those to be affected. Each planning attempt takes twenty-four hours. Add +1 to the Effect Roll for every three successes (rounding down).
      • Precomputed Horoscope: This requires access to astrological measurement devices of at least Resources 3. Roll Intelligence + Occult to precompute a horoscope after spending a day and night watching the stars and measuring. The difficulty is 1, but it must be made after planning a destiny (see above) and any successes on this roll exceeding the Intelligence + Craft (Fate) roll's are lost. For every three successes the character gains a +1 bonus die to the Effect Roll. Stunt possibility.
      • Excellent Petition: For every three additional successes above the difficulty of the intial Prayer Roll, the character gains a +1 die bonus on his Effect Roll.
      • Multiple Sidereals: Any Sidereal who cosigned the divine petition may throw his weight behind the actual effect. Every additional ally rolls Charisma + Performance (difficulty 3). Success adds her Essence in dice to the Effect Roll. When multiple Exalts are espousing an effect, the one with the highest College (or Essence if College is tied) rating makes the Effect Roll.
      • Ritual Behavior: The character who bears three of the five trappings of the College that the Effect falls under for three days gains an additional +1 to the Effect Roll. Alternatively, Sidereals can don a Resplendent Destiny of the College for three days straight (no Anima higher than 1-3, no other Resplendent Destinies, etc) and gains +3 bonus dice to the Effect Roll.
  • Effects: Astrology Effects have certain functions that can come as part of a Sidereal Astrological Effect. They are divided between Blessings and Curses. You get an automatic Blessing or Curse to apply, and may add more (up to your recipient's Essence score) for one Effect success per Curse or Blessing. Also, Effects have Scope, Duration, and Power ratings which must be bought with successes.
    • Blessings (E:S p. 210): Artless Prodigy (-1 to Target Number for a roll); Blissful Idiot (-1 to a roll involving the blessing. May be +1 success in an opposed test); Hound-Chases-Rabbit (regain 1 WP for accomplishing a task related to the blessing); Fortified Spirit (+1 to pre-determined Virtue on a roll related to the blessing).
    • Curses (E:S p. 210): Sloped Floor (+1 to Target Number for a roll involving the curse); Ruin Without Failure (+1 difficulty to a roll involving the curse; may be -1 success on an opposed roll); Heart-Piercing (failure on an Ability roll related to the curse causes the loss of a WP point); Name-Destroying (-1 to pre-determined Virtue on a roll related to the curse).
    • Scope (E:S p. 219): Assign successes to scope (1-10 successes). These successes are what determines the physical area affected. A forest is a forest, no matter how many applicable targets are within it.
    • Duration (E:S p. 219): Assign successes to duration (1-10 successes). These successes are what determine the length of time that the effect is up for.
    • Power (E:S p. 219): Apply successes for power effects on those subject to the Astrological Effect, in addition to the automatic effect. These successes can also be used for Resplendent Effects.
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